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Keianna Williams, Owner of The Lifestyle Exchange, Helps Women to Find Success from the Inside Out

Atlanta, GA (November 25, 2022) – Keianna Williams is a woman who understands what it feels like to be stressed, unfulfilled, depressed, and to experience deteriorating health as a result. For seven years, she worked a job that she absolutely hated, leading to sickness, financial strain, postpartum depression (after giving birth to twins), and ultimately one of the darkest periods of her life.

However, it was within that painful stretch that the present-day entrepreneur, real estate agent, author and motivational speaker found her purpose. In 2012, Williams launched her first business, The Lifestyle Exchange. Since then, she has helped to transform the lives of hundreds of women by motivating and empowering them to overcome their traumas and become the best versions of themselves, inside and out.

“At The Lifestyle Exchange, we specialize in helping women make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve their wellness and life goals,” she said. “Not just by eating healthy and exercising, but by focusing on all aspects of life…relationships, self-love, self-care, career, finances, and having a positive mindset.”

Having worked in the holistic wellness industry for 17 years, Williams has an extensive background in health and wellness. Her knowledge and personal experiences equipped her with a unique ability to identify solutions for a diverse group of women, and coach them through dramatic lifestyle changes in a healthy way.

One of her methods is her intense 30-Day Transformational Program, which involves morning routines, affirmations, personal development, goal setting, detoxing the mind and body, and so much more. Embracing the idea that habits are formed over a 21-day period, Williams gives weekly assignments to her clients and holds them accountable to their goals during the program. The results are remarkable. However, the program did not come without hiccups in the beginning.

“What I noticed at first when working with different women, is we had a lot of success in the initial phases, but many of them would come back in three to six months with the same issues and would have to pay me again,” Williams said. “This made me realize that I had to get to the root cause of the problems. I realized that it was life, stress on the job, finances, relationships, etc, that were preventing my clients from achieving their long-term goals. A lot of women deal with this, and unless we deal with the root causes, the internal issues will start manifesting on the outside.”

In 2020, Williams co-authored a bestselling book with 15 other women from around the world entitled She Rises, which shared their brave stories of overcoming various challenges to become self-sufficient, confident and successful in making their dreams a reality. She is working on another book scheduled for release in the Spring 2023.

Williams has become a sought-after figure in her native city of Atlanta for her leadership and her powerful women’s events, which she hosts throughout the year. So much so, that news has begun to spread nationwide.

“I have women to this day who went through my program, and they are crying every time they see me, thanking me for changing their lives,” she said. “One young lady launched her own wine brand. I remember the day we first sat down and talked about it. Now, to see where she is now completely blows my mind. This is how impactful my program is. I can’t take credit because God is using me as a vessel.”

Learn more about Keianna Williams by visiting www.thelifestyleexchange.com and www.keiannasellsrealestate.com. To stay abreast of other updates, follow her on Instagram at @yourlifestylecoach.

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Last modified: November 30, 2022