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Episode: Canopy of Honor, Love & Fidelity

Dynasty of Dreamers

Co-Pastors Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts

Episode: Canopy of Honor, Love & Fidelity

By Tammy Collins Markee


Touré & Sarah Roberts are Co-Pastors at the One Church Los Angeles. Touré Roberts, a Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Author, Speaker, and Production Personality is the Founder of Artist Resource Center. While Sarah Jakes Roberts, an Author and a Motivational Speaker, is daughter of Mega Church Pastor, Bishop TD Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes.

The Roberts are the Founders of Modern Faith Media, and they have been variously featured in multiple media outlets. This couple possesses the dream to bridge the gap between the lack of understanding in marriages, to the comprehension of the need to advance a loving caring relationship between man and woman. Also, while being on the Journey of the Testament of Light, their sheer determination, and the wonder and totally unshakeable resilience— they bring to bear on their joint mission is eloquent testimony to the ingredients of Valor, Grace, Honor and Fidelity that are obviously the core components of their wonderful “marriage.”

They consistently share fresh revelations about how to exercise the Trust, Honesty and Meekness that are deemed critical to create a sound foundation for a covenant marriage.

They seemingly never tired of sharing, and standing behind every word they took in their marriage vows. They pride themselves in their joint commitment to the Loyalty and Respect; that they have for each other. They are the quintessential illustration of a couple’s avowed to live an eternity of love and commitment to each other. They have also learned how to avoid being ill-advised by anyone.

Even when others around them have been morally ambivalent; they never tire of sharing with the world, non-conformity to an idolization of relationships that are simply not God sent. Their marriage is founded on a pursuit to honor, and to celebrate the innermost essence of their marriage vows. Quite obviously, The Roberts have the hearts to serve humanity, and their lives are adorned with the fine tapestry, that beautifully adorns them with the Canopy of Love. They speak from the heart about their life experiences. This loving couple have six beautiful children.

They speak with K.I.S.H. Magazine about the need for people to value, love and appreciate their spouses. We present a couple that are valiantly championing the path to marital harmony love everlasting!

TCM: The words Honor and Fidelity are very significant words in the Institution of Marriage. How can marriages deepen and become more invigorated?

TR: “I think that marriage can deepen with adequate communication by both parties to create an environment where the other can speak freely. I think that the more of one another’s truth we can have at our disposal, the deeper our relationship can be.”

SJR: “Additionally, I believe that friendship is a major component of an invigorating marriage. It allows you to have a partner not just for the perfectly valid purpose of romance and raising children, but also a true friend who is with you, body and soul, each night you lay your head down on the pillow. And as you recap the day, you have someone with whom you can share any, and everything, and without judgment, and even a few laughs.”

TCM: The Quintessential Couple exhibit total devotion and courtesy to each other.
What is your personal experience in your union?

TR: “Honor is a big deal in our house. We value each other totally. We value each other unconditionally. We value each other’s opinions. So, I think that because we reserve so much honor for one another, the core of our union, it allows us to continue to mutually thrive.”

SJR: “And I know that because we are so convinced that God has brought us together, we really see our joint responsibility to honor, to be kind, and to be courteous to one another as a reflection of our gratitude to God for allowing our paths, not only to cross, but to be intertwined for His Glory. For as we deal with one another constantly, we unfailingly keep at the forefront of our minds that the other person is a gift from God and a child of God. Therefore, I have a responsibility to God to love my partner the way God loves him, and that is through Honor and Respect.”

TCM: Clearly, when you enter into a marriage covenant, your spouse’s happiness is just as important as yours. How can communication foster this mutual desire, to promote joint happiness in a marriage?

SJR: “Joint happiness is also quite pivotal in our marriage, making sure that we set an example for our children. And so, we really make it a conscious decision to take time out to be with one another. We commit to constantly dating one another, and to ensure that we constantly take a break so as to balance our world. We seriously consider it our responsibility to do things that first initiated our courtship, like dinners, movies, and other quality times together.”

TR: “I agree with Sarah wholeheartedly. We make our marriage our priority. We have a lot of joint activities going on, like travel, church, speaking, writing and promoting books, and productions. Because, if at the end of the day, we are healthy and we don’t invest and sow into us, we have very little, even though it would seem as if we have much.”

TCM: What lasting legacies do you wish to bequeath to the body of Christ in your roles as servants of God?

TR: “We believe in Multiplication and Legacy. We also believe in your life and work speaking for you long after you are gone. I think for us, and for me personally, I just want to see a Legacy of People, who are Passionate about Purpose and their destiny in God, and who will give up all the things that would try to entrap them. People should be in pursuit of the real reasons that God saw fit to bring them forth.”

SJR: “I just pray that we would ultimately leave a Legacy to the Body of Christ, and that our Greatest Mission on the Earth would have been to Love our Neighbors. I think that we do such an incredible job of Loving God; and Loving ourselves to a certain extent. But really to leave a Legacy of Loving people who may look different from us, and who we may not always agree with us, would be the ultimate and glorious achievement. However, it is as we really pursue becoming the Body of Christ that we start first having the Heart of Christ, and allowing the Heart of Christ to dictate how we speak to one another, how we forgive one another, and ultimately how we pour into one another as vessels.”

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Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee, Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine (Dynasty of Dreamers)

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