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Dynasty of Dreamers
Marcus And Joni Lamb
Episode: The Navigating World Changers
By Tammy Collins Markee


Marcus and Joni Lamb ( Legendary Prominent Televangelists) are a living proof of the brimming cup of Love that can be between a couple. The Lambs are the World Renowned Founders of Day Star Television Network, Bedford, Texas. It is one of the largest Christian Networks in the World. It was birthed and successfully launched in 1997. In 2003, the ministry moved into a new 90,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art  Production Studio, International Ministry Center. Day Star has an estimated audience of over 100 Million households in the U.S. alone, and globally reaches over 200 countries and 680 Million households. Remarkably, at the age of 27, Marcus Lamb was then considered the youngest person ever to build a television station in United States.

This couple are serving God, and imparting their purpose to help others maintain a sense of humanistic dignity and hope. They do this by sharing the principles of the word of God all over the world. For years, they have been rendering service to humanity using God’s Living Word, and by dispensing such wisdom to mankind.

They are teaching enormously from the pages of the book of life, and at the same time forging new spiritual frontiers to produce Christian endurance. They promote spiritual enlightenment based on the principles of the word of God. Theirs is a mantle of healing and miracles to an ocean of people. In the most authentic light, these historical world changers have an immaculate plan to reach underserved communities. In a world that faces the extinction of hope, and which is rife with fear & tension, and a very low morale. God had a reason for allowing Pastor Marcus Lamb to stand on the Mount of Olives in Israel, and in a revelation; directed him with such a sharp projection that it was obvious that God designed this husband and wife team to engage in the most prepossessing work for the sanctity of life, and to minister in a treacherous world with oppressive laws, and also to give strength to their vision.

To de-escalate crisis in order to bring viable solutions, and to culturally educate people on increasing concerns about interpersonal impairments, falsehoods, economic collapse, and financial anxieties. To prepare their hearts and minds to exercise patience for the special dispensation of the munificent grace of God. They have been commissioned to present themselves to this generation as a emblematic symbol of the rising star that beckons to all humanity; even as they continue to live in the hearts of the people of our nation.  Marcus and Joni Lamb, The Navigating World Changers, as I was inspired to name this loving couple!

TCM:  What is the untold story that you can share, for others to navigate their own way as world changers?

Marcus Lamb: “Zechariah 4:10 says, “Despise not small beginnings.”  Even the biggest oak tree started as a small acorn.  From the beginning the Lord told me
leave the results up to Him.  As a result, if you get little results, or even no results, then you won’t be discouraged.  And if you get big results, then it won’t go to your head, because you leave the results up to God.  You have to be faithful in a little; before you can be entrusted to be faithful with a lot.Doing something great for God is not a sprint, but rather a marathon!”

Joni Lamb: “There really is no untold story.  It’s a story that is repeated over and over in God’s word. God takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things.  That is our story.  We surrendered our lives to His will for His Kingdom to be established.  It’s been a 30+ year journey. He chooses to use flawed and frail vessels; that will give Him the glory for all that is accomplished.  For those that want to be world-changers, the key is connecting with the One who created the world.”

1) Totally surrender your life on earth… be willing to pray the prayer… “I will go where You want me to go… I will do what You want me to do… I will be what You want me to be.. 2) Spend time along with God.. quiet time.. listen to worship music.. invite Holy Spirit in..and hear that still small voice that will lead and guide you into all truth 3) Read the Word.. It will bring life, hope and encouragement… memorize scripture because it is a valuable weapon against the enemy… Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee. 4) Understand that God has a plan, purpose and path uniquely designed for your life… be passionate about finding it… He will show you..”

TCM:  How, speaking from a knowledge of interconnectivity with people, can we be mindful of the kind of information we receive from others in our daily interactions?

Marcus Lamb: “It is important to learn from others, especially those who have already walked the path you are taking.  Not only can you learn from the successes of others, but sometimes you can learn more from the mistakes of others. Find a mentor who has already been successful, and what you feel called of God to do.  And remember, it is always wiser to do more listening than talking. And no matter how great God allows your ministry or business to become, don’t ever isolate yourself from everyday people.  You need to stay connected to them so you can understand and have sensitivity to what people are growing through so that you can better meet people’s needs.”

Joni Lamb: “I think it’s important who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.  Especially, as leaders, we have to surround ourselves; with godly counsel that will speak the truth in love.  Too many times, I’ve seen leaders who surround themselves with “yes men and women of God”.  This is not healthy and the truth is, we all need accountability.  For ourselves, we are not only accountable to a denomination, but we are accountable to our Pastor.  We attend church regularly and we have always done so with our family. It’s important to know the people that God uses to speak into your life and be open to hear the bad along with the good.  I receive many of the comments that come into Daystar; so I can have a pulse from the wonderful viewers who watch us. Many times there are glowing and encouraging comments.  Sometimes, there are not so glowing comments.. lol, but I want to always be open to correction and many times; God uses the Body of Christ to help you see some areas that need adjusting. Correction must always line up with the Word of God and be directed by the Holy Spirit, but it’s important to be open to correction from godly people you trust.”

TCM: You have taken a great weight of responsibility on your shoulders. To Share the Good News of Love; to Let Love Be The Shield of Your Marriage. How has your love for each other been a great example to the world?

Marcus Lamb: “I have learned that “Putting God first” doesn’t mean putting your ministry first. Putting God first means your personal relationship with Him. Your worship time, your devotion time, your prayer time.  Then put your marriage next before your children and before your ministry or business.  A man’s first ministry it to be the High Priest of his home. The Bible says you shouldn’t be in leadership if you can’t lead your marriage and family well. Much of my success has been because of the great partner in ministry that the Lord has given named Joni!  We are a team. There are many benefits to putting your spouse and your marriage before your children and before ministry or business.  Not only will God honor it, but you are setting an example for your children and your grandchildren to come. So it can become a “Generational Blessing.”

Joni Lamb: “Hopefully, people have seen that we love one another, and that we put our family first, before ministry. We haven’t had a perfect marriage, there isn’t a perfect marriage that I know of, but we have worked to love one another, serve one another and work as a team in ministry.  We believe marriage is not only a commitment between a man and a woman, but it is a covenant between a man, woman and God. I love my husband more today than I ever have. He’s an amazing man of God. We will celebrate 35 years of marriage in August, and I wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone but him.  Hopefully, we have mirrored this to the world ,and given an example of how important marriage and family is to God.”

TCM: What can best equip us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Marcus Lamb: “You can’t successful spread the Gospel unless you both know the Gospel and continue to experience the Gospel.  2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to show yourself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  This should be an ongoing process in your life.  This is also why all of us need to be a part of a local Church, and be fed the Gospel.”

Joni Lamb: “God is using many different ways to spread the Gospel of Christ..tv, internet, local churches, conferences, radio, missionaries, etc.  God will equip you with what you need to do this.  For us, it just happens to be transmitters, satellites, tv equipment and a vehicle called the airwaves to spread His love to the world. On a spiritual note, we must all be equipped with a personal relationship with God; the Word of God and a prayer life to talk and listen to His instructions on a daily basis.”

TCM: Marcus Lamb, What was that moment like when God spoke to you in Mount of Olives in Israel, to start the Day Star Television Broadcasting Network?

It was March of 1983 and Joni & I had only been married seven months.  I was very surprised when God spoke to me and said, “Go to Montgomery, Alabama and build the first Christian TV Station in that state.”  As a logical man, I argued with God in the natural, but God wanted me to operate in His supernatural.  Saying “yes” to God will always mean great fulfillment.”

TCM: Joni Lamb, What inspired you to start Joni Table Talk?

Joni Lamb: “I had been doing my own talk show for years and one day, I was doing a show where I thought it would be good to include several of my friends for their insight and input. It turned out really good to hear other’s perspective and “Table Talk” was born.”

TCM: What legacy would you want to be your lasting legacy, that represents the 60 seconds of forever in behalf of humanity to the glory of God?

Marcus Lamb: “As I am nearing 60, I am thinking more about how I can impact my children and grandchildren. I want to leave a heritage behind; that they will proudly embrace.
I want them to remember the miracles that God did, and realize that He will be the same God to them. I want to model how you:
1) Recognize and listen to the voice of God
2)  Be led by the Holy Spirit.
3)  Be obedient to what God tells you to do.”

Joni Lamb: “I want my legacy to be one of passing on to my children, God’s faithfulness, love and grace to the world.  Hopefully, we have instilled in them what a life serving God fully and totally looks like, and they will want to follow in our footsteps and live a life surrendered to God.  I want a legacy where I run the course God has set before me, and I finish well.  Hopefully, this will inspire my children and my children’s children to do the same, and live a  blessed life fulfilling their purpose on the earth.”

Rt. Hon. Tammy Collins Markee (Columnist for K.I.S.H. Magazine)-Dynasty of Dreamers.

Last modified: August 18, 2020