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Eren Legend: Celebrity Fitness Trainer on the Move

Toronto, ON – Eren Legend is an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) Canadian Gold Medalist, sought after celebrity trainer, World Champion, guest speaker & entrepreneur. Training actors such as Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time), Pablo Schreiber (Halo TV series) & Ricky Whittle (American Gods TV show) has made Legend a go to fitness expert.  Serious dedication to his success and the best way of getting there has made Legend a respected member of the fitness community.  Winner of many championship awards in bodybuilding has put the body building champion at the top of his game and kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive. 

 Legend is the founder of Legend Nation, a platform to create more opportunities for Canadian athletes & Social Media influencers.  Appearing on shows such as television Breakfast Television, high profile interviews and sitting on panels around the world keeps Legend and his vision in the public eye.  A regular guest speaker at the University of Toronto (U of T), fitness events and competitions around the world, the popular fitness guru continues to educate.  Legend addresses questions on the “how” of his bodybuilding achievements, but over time noticed many questions coming from people outside the bodybuilding community. People simply wanting to be healthier and have a more fit body.  A sign of the times we find ourselves in.  Spending years working on his own body, using only clean methods (no drugs) Legend has decided to use his expertise to help others achieve their goals.  With his business partner Steven J WongLegend will open a State-of-the-Art Performance Center in Toronto, Summer 2021.  Together with his urban clothing line Legend Apparel,” that includes fans, UFC Light Weight Champion, Jon Bones and UFC fighter, Anthony Rumble Johnson, one thing for sure…. Eren Legend is on the move. 


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