Evangelist LaTrice Ryan

LaTrice Ryan is an international Evangelist with a unique and accurate prophetic mantle over her life. Often referred to as a “Revivalist”, LaTrice preaches a fiery message of deliverance, power, and purpose. Evangelist Ryan’s passion for God and surrendered lifestyle has led to an anointing to preach and teach the word of God with authority, revelation, and deliverance. Her insightful messages include sobering truths that challenge men and women to pray and cultivate their God-given potential in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives.

LaTrice has a deep passion for needy and hurting people, out of which a mission for outreach and evangelism evolved. She is the C.E.O. and founder of LaTrice Ryan Ministries. LaTrice Ryan Ministries is designed to enhance individuals by delivering quality resources: spiritual, psychological, educational, financial, and physiological, which will improve the daily lives of individuals and their family members. With humility and generosity of spirit, LaTrice captivates the minds and hearts of God’s people and helps them lead productive purposeful lives.

As the anointed wife and mother, LaTrice possesses an uncanny ability to reach people of all ages and from various walks of life. Through her ministry, she strives to positively influence the lives of God’s people through the application of the Word. As Evangelist Ryan is released to flow in the Holy Spirit, she leaves an impartation that inspires believers to walk in holiness and higher dimensions of God.


Last modified: August 12, 2020

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