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Exclusive Interview featuring Trailblazer Renee Huffman

KISH: Tell Us About You

RH: I am the CEO/Founder of Dressed N’ Dignity and the Owner of Ms.Dignity Style & Grace Clothing & Accessories Boutique. I’ve been married to Timothy Huffman for the last 18 years and A Child of the Most High God.

KISH: What Inspired you to start a nonprofit organization?

RH: A young lady was inquiring about clothing to wear on an interview, but the nearest location for clothing was 50 miles away. In that moment I discovered there was a need in my local community and I encompassed the tools to navigate and organize a nonprofit; to help women who are in need of professional business attire, communication skills, resume building, interviewing tips and business etiquette training.I decided to form Dressed N’ Dignity and place it within a 25 mile radius of any city within the Dallas-Ft Worth Area to shorten the commute for women who are currently looking for employment.

KISH: What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome in life?

RH: I learned early in life at a young age that I was born from a mother who battled mental illness, and a father who suffers from a learning disability since his childhood . This created a lot of obstacles and road blocks for my journey ahead. But, I’ve always been a staunch type of person who strives to be the best in all aspects of my life. With a vigorous determination, and strong faith in God nothing is impossible to accomplish under his authority. One of my favorite stories is the Tortoise & Hare the moral of the story is never underestimate the weakest opponent. Some people assumed I would finish in last place in my life. But I’m adamant and decided to crawl,walk, jog, and run until I reach my finish line . I’m not in competition with the world, but focused to win the race at my own momentum . My personal life quote is ”Stay in your own lane or be disqualified.” This is why Dressed N’ Dignity is so important to our community because we help women who have different strides but the same goal (FINISH) . Women can take heed to my story and decide to never give up and be all they dreamed

to be.

KISH: What is your Mission & Vision statement for Dressed N’Dignity?

RH: Dressed N’ Dignity is a nonprofit organization established in the fall of 2017. Our mission statement is to restore and empower women to walk in excellences in business, community, and family life;by providing adequate business attire,communication skills, and necessary etiquette training. Our vision statement is set forth to transform and enhance the lives of each woman as she becomes a mirror that reflects the next generation.

KISH: What positive impact does your organization bring to your community?

RH: Since the existence of Dresses N’ Dignity I’m extremely enthusiastic and honored to have professionally transmuted multiple women lives by planting seeds of hope. During the spring of each year we have our annual women’s business conference, and this years theme was B.O.S.S “Born Only To Strive Successfully.”We also implemented a winter theme brunch called Restore Her Dignity brunch, and this years theme is Restore Her Love. Each event present dynamic local speakers of the community who help the women of dignity to strive and thrive to be all they can be. We also have a plethora of community women who are on top of their business entrepreneurship to sit at the tables during brunch to give advice and encouragement. These ladies by my term are called my sister angels.

KISH: Lastly, Tell Us About your Boutique?

RH: Ms.Dignity Style & Grace was established in 2019 and our main focus is to empower women to dress with respect, class, and elegance. We carry sizes from 12 to 24.Please visit our website


KISH: What’s your favorite Dream Quote?

RH: Dream Quote:Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Harriet Tubman

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