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Gleaming Dreamer Magazine Exclusive with Dr. Linda D. Lee!

GD:Tell us about you.

I am Dr. Linda D. Lee the CEO of LL Media Group, LLC, a professional certified life coach (PCLC), certified Christian mentor (CCM), international speaker, multi-award-winning author, licensed and ordained minister, and marketplace Elder. Helping people in my capacity is what I love.

I’m a Family Relationship Midwife, ® with the mission of building healthy relationships using biblical principles for life circumstances while transforming mindsets.

I believe that everyone deserves to be heard in the chapters of their life that connect everyday living. Teaching people to turn their pain into purposeful tools using sustainability plans and personal development is part of my work. Another level of my sustainability plan can identify triggers and root causes that hinder people in life, business, or career. It has been humbling to teach entrepreneurs virtually and live: my live work extends from the United States to Ghana, Africa; London, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, UAE. In Madrid, Spain, and Mozambique, Africa, I conveyed my teachings virtually.

Being a prolific writer, I was labeled as a “powerhouse phenomenon” by Huffington Post and have been featured on international platforms including FOX, CBS, NBC, STARR Radio UK, KISH magazine, MizCEO magazine, ROKU TV, STAR Conferences, and more. These platforms help me expand my viewpoints to equip the masses in personal development.

GD: What is your dream, and how will accomplishing your dream benefit you and others?

Dr. Linda: I have been living with a dream to turn my book ‘In Bed with a Snake’ into a movie or a play. It is hard to fathom seeing the book displayed on hundreds of movie screens one day, but I know nothing is too hard for God. When my dream comes to fruition, I believe it is going to benefit others in mass proportion! My dream will act as verifiable proof of what God ‘can’ and ‘will’ do. Everyone can connect with the experience of my journey, with different phases like pain, healing, and forgiveness.

Revelation 12:11 says,

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony…”

This scripture has two parts: we are overcomers, and the other is, we share our testimony. Millions of people around us keep their traumatic experiences to themselves. They don’t share their stories of rape, fondling, intimate partner violence, infidelity, divorce, death of children, sexual immorality, and more. Listing them all here might not be possible but we all have experienced something others can learn and grow from. Do you see yourself in my list of experiences I overcame? If so, please know you are not alone.

The movie will be in complete accordance to give such people the courage to share their testimony in the way I do. Years ago, I came across an investor who offered me thousands of dollars to purchase the naming rights of this book. For me, that was not just a writing assignment but also a vision that God gave me. The purchase would have changed the dynamics of the vision and no amount of money is worth that to me!

Maybe many of us would not understand this reasoning, but I believe that when God gives you a vision or mission, He also surrounds you with the right people at a certain time. All we need to do is wait on Him.

Yes, I know faith without works is dead, but sometimes you have to speak to your dreams like I do daily.

I never miss a chance to speak about my dream. In doing so, I am speaking life to this dream as it manifests behind the scenes, by faith. In the meantime, God is still birthing other personal development products and tools from the ‘In Bed with a Snake’ book to benefit the masses.

With my book and future movie, many people will be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to heal. The strategies in each tool will assist others to heal from trauma in unsuspected areas of their life, business, or career.

Without self-care, it definitely would be harder to accomplish another dream. Periodically, I plan mental health escapes. Example: I made a reservation and visited my dream place in Paris, France. The trip was planned for over a year when COVID-19 hit and I filed for divorce. I never wanted my graduation birthday gift to vanish from my thoughts. I was frustrated living through vacation memories of others, waiting for travel buddies, and someone with restrictions on travel was no longer an option for me. I decided to stop living in someone else’s box and continued living outside the box to accomplish my dreams.

I wanted to meet world-renowned classical pianist Beate Perrey, cruise the Seine River, see a Statue of Liberty replica, visit the Eiffel Tower, glance at the Grand Palais, stand on the steps of the Panthéon, gaze at the Arc De Triomphe, ride by the Hôtel des Invalides, overcome my fears on a Segway tour, and more. My trip would not be complete without experiencing the Louvre Museum…so I did that too! “The Louvre Museum is the world’s most-visited museum, and a historic landmark in Paris, France. It is the home of some of the best-known works of art, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.” Wikipedia. There are no words to describe seeing the intriguing Mona Lisa (1503-1519) and Wedding Feast at Cana (1562-1563) artwork. Both pieces of artwork were mesmerizing!

The yearning to get to Paris was assumed to be related to the graduation birthday gift. Miraculously, my self-care trip was an orchestrated visitation from God! A messenger came to remind me of God’s love toward me and a few others things like unforgiveness. What an intimate encounter with God that encouraged me to keep the dream alive. Obviously, there was something I needed to do first.

Not forgiving the one who broke my heart and betrayed my trust was blocking my blessings. I was in the healing phase; a spirit of resentment gripped my heart toward this person I used to love. After many tears, I decided to forgive that person. I prayed to God to remove all the bitterness from my heart for that person. I felt relieved, like a load was lifted. I continued to travel through Paris, France, without a care in the world with a free mind to manifest this dream in the future. Others will benefit by knowing their ultimate dream lives inside the core of their forgiveness.

GD: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream?

Dr. Linda: The inspiration behind pursuing my dream was one of the most traumatic experiences I endured as a young adult. I had a dream twice that pushed me to write the book ‘In Bed with a Snake’. I felt like God sent me some warning dreams about my first husband and unrighteous living. Purchasing my book will truly help you to understand my inspiration behind it.

GD: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dream?

Dr. Linda: In my journey of fulfilling the dream, I have encountered many challenges. During this process I encountered mentorship and coaching challenges. In this area of expertise, it’s easy to find mentors, but not all of these are meant for you. I am utilizing my time to observe some virtual mentors or coaches. I want to connect with someone that serves God with a spirit of excellence.

I do not mean I am trying to be perfect with this. I simply want to help people build healthy relationships using their inner skills and talents. In the meantime, I will wait for the mentor or coach that exemplifies this characteristic as only they will understand my assignment.

GD: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered?

Dr. Linda: The confidence that my God, family, and friends provided gave me the power to continue with all the challenges encountered during the journey. My family was the biggest support in the whole journey and inspired me at my level best. My son Martell, and my friends Jackie and Gayle, helped me stay focused. Some of my great friends, including Bishop Patrick Gratts and Apostle Jeannette Gratts, Bishop-Elect Dr. Lindie Sanders, and Tessa Hall, helped me stand whenever I felt weak on my entire journey.

GD: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence…dream.

Dr. Linda: Manifest Your Dream! Stand on the word of God and do not be moved by any distractions or negativity that comes your way. Remember, your kingdom assignments are for His glory.

Last modified: June 30, 2022