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Gleaming Dreamers Exclusive Interview with Leon & Precious Whitener

GD: How did you and Leon meet?

Precious: Leon and I met in the spring of 2017. Leon came out to the Saint Louis Blues Track club to volunteer as a coach. I was already out there coaching as I came out to volunteer in 2016 to give back to the Saint Louis Track Club as they poured into me when I was in High School. They paved the way for my athletic career and contributed to my college success.

Leon and I were just friends that coached well together and spent a lot of time on the track with our kids traveling in and out of state. We have a close connection and we prayed for our team and the youth. He brought his son out to the team in 2017 and he and I ended up coaching his son together. 

GD: Did you ever see the two of you together?

Precious: I had no clue that we would ever be an item. Several of the coaches teased me and picked on me about my relationship/friendship with coach Leon but I always told them that I didn’t see him in that light and that we were just friends. I respected him as a man and really appreciated how he encouraged the team as well as the coaches. Leon and I prayed for our athletes, coaches and parents throughout the track season.

So when did you guys start dating?

In August of 2020, I received an email to join this prayer challenge for my future spouse. I was very apprehensive at first as I hadn’t prayed for or believed for a spouse in a very long time. I went through a divorce in April of 2014 and that was probably one of the darkest times of my life. 

After joining the challenge, I was in my car praying for my future spouse and I received a phone call from my First Lady at the time and she prophesied over me regarding my spouse and all the powerful things God was going to do in us. She said that he was right in front of me and for me to remove anyone who could be a distraction.

I removed distractions and one night one of the coaches we coached with texted Leon and I together saying she missed us. We made arrangements to meet up for dinner and while we were in the middle of our text thread Leon asked the coach if she was bringing her guy friend out to eat with us. In my head I said is he trying to go on a double date. I laughed at that because I said to myself why is it that I feel this way when I don’t think about coach like that.

Well shortly after I put a message in the group that said, “coach let’s quit playing games, it’s 2020, We aren’t getting any younger, let’s make it official.” My stomach dropped because I couldn’t believe I did that.

Well the night we were planning to go out to eat, he text in the group and called me by his last night and I couldn’t believe it. I quickly realized that he was a praying man!! So I said, wow, God must have revealed something to him. We went out to dinner everything was fine and then he asked me out for a date the following week.

While we were out eating he told me about his connection he felt with me in 2017 but he never acted on it. He told me in January of 2020 that he made a declaration that he was going all in on God and has no interest in dating. Then in July of 2020 he connected with a Pastor friend of ours, Pastor Robert Hines. Pastor Robert Hines  reached out to him and shared with him that he’d been thinking of him and wanted to connect with him. 

Leon and I coached Pastor Hines’ daughter together. Pastor Hines asked if he was dating or in a relationship and Leon said no. He said that he was just going all in on God. Pastor Hines told him that God wasn’t going to waste him and that there was a kingdom woman out there for him that he needs to cover. He instructed him to pray for a kingdom woman. Leon told him that he’s never prayed for a kingdom woman. In August 2020, he started praying for a spouse. Someone he didn’t have to compromise his walk with and someone he could love God with. He asked God to present her to him and then when I text that message in the group he knew that I was what he was praying for. So Leon spent the summer praying for a kingdom woman so when the message came through he knew that I was what he was praying for!

We both knew we were meant to be together after that dinner and the rest was history! We started dating/courting instantly. We refrained from kissing and any intimacy as we wanted our relationship to strictly be about our purpose and connection to God. We knew that if God brought us together then he had a greater plan in mind.

GD: When did he propose? 

Precious: He proposed Dec 31 of 2020 and we got married June 27, 2021. The pastor that I spoke of before officiated our wedding. The funny thing about that is when Leon reached out to him share that he was seeing someone he asked if the young ladies name started with a P and Leon said yes. He asked if it was coach Precious and Leon said yes, how did you know? He said that when we were coaching together he always saw us together as a unit and wondered if we were together. His wife also felt the same thing. When we shared that we were engaged to people on the track team no one was surprised. Even the youth hoped that we would be together.

I made a Facebook post about being engaged and I didn’t tag Leon at the time. Many of the parents of the track club reached out to and shared that their kids hoped that it was Coach Leon that I was engaged to. The parents even said “ it better be Coach Leon.” Then Leon finally made his post and tagged me and everyone said, I knew it and we learned that several kids cried and rejoiced with gratitude and thanksgiving that we were getting married. Leon and I had no clue that the father was preparing us this whole time for each other he just wanted it to be in the perfect time when we both were whole, well and healed!

Words of advice to the readers:

Wait on God! Trust his timing! Don’t be married to your pain! It’s easy to get stuck in the past and think that God’s promises stopped because you experienced disappointment, heartache and pain.

God still has a plan for you regardless of what has happened to you! Keep trusting in his plan for your life! His best for you is still out there no matter what it is!

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Last modified: May 31, 2022