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Happy Second Anniversary to DOMINION.TV!

As we reflect over the last 2 years of Dominion.TV, our heart is overflowing with joy and expectation! Dominion.TV’s line up of Faith and Kingdom broadcasters include ministries such as:  Bill Winston, Kenneth Copeland, Nancy Dufresne, Dale Bronner, Ron Carpenter, Rodney Howard Browne, and many more.

What we are most excited about are those that have never been on TV before.  Some of these ministries have been hidden like John the Baptist, but Dominion Television continues to create a platform for these voices in the media mountain. Some of these broadcasters include, Apostle Jeff Sanders, Pastor Cheryl Jones-Ross, Apostle Kelafo Collie, Dr. Kishma George, and so many more.

Dominion.TV is watched in over 35 countries around the Globe! Dominion.TV has created a platform for ministers, coaches and marketplace business people that didn’t have the equipment, staff or expertise to be on TV. God has given us a special mandate to take Kingdom and Word of Faith Leaders, help them capture, produce and platform their message; giving them a unique opportunity to leverage our experienced staff and give their broadcast a spirit of excellence.

We have produced broadcasts such as “The Dreamer in You” with Dr. Kishma  George, “Your Marriage Matters” with Drs. Richard and Nephetina Serrano, “Living In The Black” with Bishop Marcus Benjamin, and “Brown Gravy Moment” with Bishop R. Christopher Brown; just to name a few.

As we look towards year three and the future for Dominion.TV, we are launching out to cable stations, satellites and increasing our production studios so we can reach more people with the Kingdom message and assist more ministers in producing quality programming.  We are making your vision come to life!

If you want to partner with this incredible vision, and help us reach more people with Kingdom and Faith Teaching, you can go to www.Dominion.TV/giving for secure giving.  There on the website you can also download the DTV App for all media devices.

For more information on recording and or broadcasting on this incredible TV Network you can email info@dominion.tv for more information and pricing.  We look forward to serving you in this Kingdom and Faith Ministry.

Last modified: August 25, 2020