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He Chose Me: The Journey to Yes by Stephany Smith

Stephany Smith is the author of “He Chose Me :The Journey to Yes”. This journey takes you through many stages concerning your life’s purpose. Sometimes your yes can be a relationship, breaking bad habits, new career, breaking generational curses, ministry, and those things you tend to keep hidden emotionally.

The journey to yes reveals the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty. Sometimes being chosen may not always feel good and will take you through many seasons of process. This book shares Stephany’s journey in understanding of being chosen and set apart along with saying yes to

God and really committing to his will and plan for her life. She talks about self-identity, the journey, the process, the relationship, and the commitment. She shares the importance of trusting God and having faith regardless of

the circumstance. Sometimes you must lose everything to gain something greater. Her desire is to encourage, inspire and empower others through her transparency and testimony to live authentically and boldly for Christ and allow God’s will to come into alignment and be who he has called us to be.

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Last modified: July 21, 2020