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History-Making Athlete and Serial Entrepreneur Santia Deck is Proving That She is “More Than An Athlete” with the Release of Her New Book

(Atlanta, GA) – From college track star to evolving into being offered the largest contract in women’s professional football player, and then into a serial entrepreneur, Santia Deck’s new book “More Than An Athlete,” is an epic story built on her imperishable endurance, persistence, and determination.

Santia is no stranger to hard work and determination. After making a name for herself in the fast-paced collegiate world of the track and field, Santia went on to make history when she was offered the largest salaried football contract ever presented to a female football player, and then again a few years later when she became the first female athlete to own her own sneaker company, TRONUS, which has created a budding partnership with Foot Locker Inc.’s subsidiary brands.

“This book ‘More Than An Athlete’ was inspired by my desire to share my personal story and the lessons that I have learned throughout my career as an athlete and entrepreneur,” says Santia Deck. “The book’s main focus is to inspire others to actively chase their dreams, despite whatever obstacles and challenges they may face. I felt it was time to tell my story, in the hopes that someone reading this book would be inspired to continue chasing their dreams, regardless of how unattainable their dreams may seem to be. I want to show how with hard work, perseverance, and the support of others, anyone can reach their goals and aspirations.”

“More Than An Athlete” aims to make sure that readers understand the role that struggles and challenges play on any journey to success, as well as the importance of being fearless and unapologetic when it comes to staying focused on what they want in life.

A few years prior to writing “More Than An Athlete’”, Santia released two ebooks aimed at helping individuals find success. Both books, “How To Land Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals as an Athlete” and “How To Build A Brand On Instagram,” did great in sales as they taught readers how to leverage their brands’ social media.

To purchase “More Than An Athlete,” go to https://santiadeck.com/book/.

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Santia Deck’s evolution from a track star into the world’s highest paid women’s football player, and then into an entrepreneur is an epic story – but there is so much more to it. Santia Deck would have had good reason to give up on chasing her dreams. Going from a life of luxury, to stocking her pantry from neighbors and food banks, certainly would be enough for anyone to go through. Couple that with difficult relationships, and career halting injuries, her victory story is incredible. Her memoir is the result of someone who never gave up on her dreams, no matter how hard it seemed. More Than an Athlete is the story of one girl pushing through obstacles, adapting to her surroundings, and never giving up on her dreams, even when she was met with challenges and hardships. Few of us will ever experience the pressure of performing as a professional athlete, but we can all understand that it requires extreme patience and dedication. This story is the perfect combination of vulnerability, strength, and incredible experiences. More Than an Athlete, like its author, is a unique and inspirational masterpiece.

Last modified: February 23, 2023