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International Published Model and Business Owner Sabrina Ann Frontino Sponsors Valley Wide All Stars Little League Baseball Team

Everyone loves to give back to their community and what better way than sponsoring baseball for little children who are preparing for their shot at becoming athletes in major league baseball. International Published Model Sabrina Ann Frontino, owner of ShopAnnBoutique.com becomes official sponsor for Valley Wide All Stars little league baseball team.

“Valley Wide All Stars little league is an incredible community of coaches, parents and kids who are passionate for baseball,” said Frontino. “I am happy to support such a great organization in my community.”

The team is scheduled to participate in four tournaments and the Little League World Series which will be held in Moreno Valley and other locations to be determined.

Frontino is the owner of Shop Ann Boutique, a female owned small business that sells trendy women fashion. For many consumers, shopping online has become significantly more popular, especially for women. Frontino just launched a new collection for alternative wear online. The website offers an array of female attire that is affordable, fashionable, sexy, athletic, and comfortable. All of the item’s online retail for $10 to $100.

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Sabrina Ann Frontino is an internationally published model from Whittier California. She got her start in magazines, music videos, car shows, and being in numerous commercials. Sabrina has been featured in a dozen magazines. Sabrina has always loved fashion and wanted to create something that made woman feel more beautiful and confident within themselves with fashion. After years of experience in being a model and in the industry of fashion, she set her sights on a new venture as a specialty store owner. What was once a simple DIY project blossomed into what is now Ann’s Boutique. The boutique is an online store at the moment. Sabrina currently resides in Riverside California with her husband and three children. They both have a wonderful amount of support from family and friends who believe in Sabrina’s vision.

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Last modified: June 30, 2022