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Johnnitta Jackson

Who’s Johnnitta Jackson? I’m the CEO of Mommy’s Milky Treats, an author, content creator, dancer, singer, actress and influencer. I bet your wondering how is it possible. Honestly this was a way for me to be able to have multiple streams of income. I’m also a cook at Marquette University. A lot of people ask me how do I have time to do everything while being a wife and mother of 3. I’ve been doing it for a while now and it’s just natural to me now. Before I start my day I prep my self for what needs to be done and once they are done I’m able to check it off my list. I’ll make 3 videos, post them and make plenty more but I save those in my draft for the next day. I try to stay on top of things because I know some days I might not get time to make new content everyday or I might not feel up to it on certain days. Yet the videos I have saved in my drafts I can just post those and go on about my day. Also during this pandemic I wrote my first book. Yes, I’m an author now. The name of my book is “Skintight, Body Right, Face Glowing, Hair Growing.” This book is about my weight loss journey and much more, you’ll definitely love it. If you are interested in purchasing one you can do so. I will add the link at the bottom of the page.

Wow! You might say that’s a big dream. However most people say dream big and that’s what I’ve done. My dream is to star in a Tyler Perry movie. I’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight every since I was 7 years old. I would always tell my mom I’m going to make it to Hollywood or I’ll be on tv one day. With that being said I already know it’s coming because I can feel it. Not only can I feel it but hearing my followers and fans tell me they see it too makes me go harder at what I do. This is why I won’t give up on making content. I’ll keep posting them on all platforms because they look forward to seeing it. All I have to do is make sure I stay consistent and be myself. If I can’t have fun and be myself I don’t want it.

My followers and fans are the ones that inspired me because they are the ones liking, sharing and laughing at my content. If it wasn’t for me making these videos I wouldn’t even know I was this hilarious. I started Tiktok during this pandemic that was going on around March. When I first started it seemed hard gaining followers, because I was new and didn’t know how to work it. I had 325 followers and after a while my numbers began to shoot up fast. As soon as I hit 1000 followers I wasn’t that excited about going live. However once I hit 6000 followers I decided to go live and show love to my followers since they were showing me so much love. One day I made 3 videos and they went viral and I didn’t even know. It’s like when you are having fun and just posting random stuff it goes viral. Verses if you are creative and take your time making a video it won’t go viral. That can change sometimes too because one day I made video of me doing all the different laughs and it went viral. I didn’t think this one would even go viral I was just having fun doing different laughs and changing my hairstyles and they loved it. They loved it so much I have over 3M views, 700K likes and 47K shares. On top of that 160 people used my sound which was nice. I was so amazed and felt great. I said to myself if I keep doing this I will make it big one day. Not only did I go viral on Tiktok but I went viral on Instagram as well. The Shade Room the same video on their page and it has over 2M views, 286K lives and a lot of shares. After being posted on their page a lot of other celebrities and big influences began posting me on their page. It was so crazy my following on Instagram started shooting up. Another reason why I was inspired to pursue this dream is because after I went viral I seen that Hill Harper was watching my stories. Also Jennifer Hudson seen my DreamGirls reenactment and she loved it. I was shocked because one of my followers told me that she liked it and when I seen it I screamed. When that happened I said to myself if these celebrities see potential in what I do I need to keep doing it and go harder. If they seen my content on Instagram I know for sure Tyler Perry seen me as well. All o have to do is be patient and stay consistent with my craft. Also let me share this story to you. It’s going to sound crazy yet I was so excited. I got a call from “Tyler Perry” last year December 22, 2020  to be exact. It was 3 days after my birthday and I was on the phone like stop playing with me. He then responded saying I’m not playing this is really me. I was shocked because I’m like how did this person get my number and know my name. I’m not sure if someone was playing on my phone but he said he loved my comment and would love to work with me soon. Before he hung up I was told to be on the look out for a confirmation email and we will move forward. My face was stuck I couldn’t even talk straight because I was still shocked. I’m just thinking to myself like was this really him or was someone playing on my phone. I good thing is I didn’t give out any information during this call. It’s January 11, 2021 and I’m still waiting. While I wait I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing to show that I am worth being hired.

Some challenges I’ve encountered were being an unemployed stay at home mom. It was hard trying to pursue my dream due to not having enough money to get headshots, take acting classes and get management. I really didn’t think it was going to be this hard trying to do something I love. Also it was very expensive and the income I had coming in was only enough for my bills and my family needs. After a while I went back to work then I was laid off once again. It was definitely frustrating because I was trying my hardest to pursue my dreams. I will not give up on what I’m doing because my time is coming and I know it. As of December 31, 2020 I went to get me headshots done. This was an amazing day and I was so excited because I was one step closer to pursuing my dreams.

My husband, family and followers once they seen me hit 10K followers on Instagram December 6, 2020. Every was was so happy and excited for me. Many of them told me I should start doing promo since I have the swipe up link now. However I felt like I wasn’t ready yet. Days went by and my following kept growing. I went from 10K in December to 33.2K now. Once I hit 30K I decided to start doing promo and I got so many people that was eager for me to promote their product or their business. It was so amazing and I was excited. I would wake up with plenty inboxes from people wanting promo. One day I was out on date night with my husband and people were paying me for promo left and right. I was so amazed because I was out enjoying myself with my husband while still making money. I’ll keep this $30 promo going for a while because so many people will have the opportunity to be seen at such a small cost.

Dream about whatever you want to accomplish in life. Once you’ve done that manifest it and then lastly put in the work. If you don’t put in the work and you just believe that manifesting it will work it won’t. This will not be the last time you’ll hear about me. Who is Johnnitta Jackson? Just wait and see because 2021 is definitely the year for me. If you are looking to reach me all of my social media links are below:

Last modified: April 19, 2021