I’m a single mom, owner and operator of Chic Jewelry Boutique. I became an Independent Paparazzi Consultant after a divorce to help supplement my income. I love the fact that you can look  and feel fabulous for a fraction of the price!
My dream is to expand Chic Jewelry Boutique and continue to help women look and feel fabulous!
Some challenges I’ve encountered while trying to reach my dreams are so many people sell Paparazzi jewelry.  However we all choose our own jewelry so you can always find something different from each consultant. I remember my first vending event I made over  $100 in a few hours ! Boy was I supper excited! I only paid  $99 to start this business and it was returned on my first event! I’m inspired to keep pushing because I get pleasure in watching the excitement from ladies and gentlemen as they make purchases because the jewelry is reasonably priced at $5 and it’s so  beautiful it basically sells itself! Presentation is everything, I take pride in my jewelry display! I’m also a people lover  so I enjoy meeting and creating new friendships! Don’t limit yourself all dreams are possible if you believe!
Please visit my website: www.chicjewelryboutique.org and purchase your jewelry! I’m also looking for new partners please visit my website and click on join my team!
Thank you,
Nyoka Fitchett
Last modified: August 12, 2020

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