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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive interview featuring Freddy Fri

Interview by Albrean Wordsworth

Freddy Fri is a popular Motivational Speaker on YouTube, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He specializes in the fusion of motivational speaking and hip hop in what he calls – Hip Hop Motivation. He uses the power of Hip Hop, Poetry, Spoken Word, Speech and Storytelling to empower the masses with tools to make every day a WINSday. He inspires people to “win the day, so that they can win in life.”

Freddy Fri is on a mission to help students, teachers and everyday people push through their pitfalls, WIN and become champions in every aspect of their lives. His goal is to help, students and athletes keep a continuous fire lit that drives them be the best version of themselves in any arena!

As one of the top and few hip-hop motivational speakers, Freddy has armed himself with a superpower (Hip-Hop) which is the most popular and influential music genre in the United States today. Freddy is also a musical artist that have released motivational songs such as “Unleash Your Inner Beast,” “Forgiveness vs. Restoration” and “Greatness Is Calling You.” Freddy is passionate about people to overcome and WIN every day in school and life. He is most passionate and experienced in helping with Academic Achievement, Teacher Motivation, Teacher Connections with students and helping “everyday people” push through their daily dilemmas to become the champions they were born to be! Freddy Fri has illustrated many motivational speeches on his YouTube channel that can help anybody reach their goal and get through tough times. Some of his popular speeches include Tips to help you overcome depression, pain as a sign of progress, and how to make this your year (workout motivation and many more). Freddy Fri is well known for his Motto which is “MAKE EVERY DAY A WINS DAY!”

Albrean Wordsworth (interviewer): Mr. Fri, what inspired you to become a motivational speaker? How did you discover your gift?

Freddy Fri: You know …what inspired me is the fact that I realized that I have overcome a lot in my life. Once it hit me that people in general don’t feel like they can overcome the adversity, the issues, the dramas, and the things that they face to be successful— Sometimes you’re in the middle  of living it and you don’t realized you’ve actually overcome it. So, once it hit me that I’ve overcome it, I was like “ok.” Now I’m using hip-hop. I am a hip-hop artist. I’ve made a lot of songs and I’ve always said empowering things in those songs. Now, let me take the songs, use the hip-hop, spoken word, story and speech, and let me tell my story and empower other people to make them understand that they can overcome even if they feel like they are losing in the game of life—they can come back and win. They can make everyday a WINSday. That’s what motivated me! Just the mindset of adding value and giving back and making sure that people understood that people who are successful are real people. We’re not Martians, we’re not of another planet. We’re regular human beings and we’ve all been through a whole bunch to get where we are at today, and you can too no matter what you are going through. If you are still breathing, you still have an opportunity to achieve.

Albrean Wordsworth (interviewer): Yes, definitely, I totally agree with you. Is there anybody that inspires you? Do you have anybody that has been a highlight in your journey of motivational speaking?

Freddy Fri: Well yes. Eric Thomas who’s probably one of the top motivational speakers in the world. He was one of the empowering and inspiring people that pushed me to be great. I am actually a part of his program, through direct conversations with him, I learned a lot of tricks and tips being part of his program called The Game Changers. He definitely uplifted me and gave me a little extra push and put that battery in my back to help me go to another level.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Okay, tell me a little bit more about The Game Changers, you said that’s also a program that you are involved in.

Freddy Fri: Yeah, early on in my life, I was really involved in hip-hop. I actually had an international record deal where I still owned my own record company and everything. So, I was right in the middle of prospering and pushing to really make it big in the industry. During this time, I was still living reckless. I was young and reckless; I was having babies out of wedlock. I ended up having four kids by the same lady. By the time I was 26, I had four children. I wasn’t with the mom anymore; she was raising them, and I woke up and had an epiphany and my mindset changed. Everything I was thinking changed and I knew I had to      get custody of my kids and that’s exactly what happened.

Well, when I got custody of my kids, it was right in the mist of me being this hip-hop artist and me having this distribution deal, but it stopped being about me and started being about them. I really lost all of my passion and desire to rap. When I gained custody of my kids, I was a single dad with three girls and a boy. I didn’t do any music for like eight years. When my kids got a little bit older, I was like maybe now is a good time to go back to the music. Now they were getting into hip-hop and I wasn’t liking the music they were hearing and what they wanted to listen to. The music I was making before I got them had a lot of profanity, but it had a lot of empowering messages in them. So, I went to Darrell Davis, my best friend, on the hip-hop side he’s called the Deck-ster, and said, “Let’s go get some of our old songs and let’s clean them up.” I wanted to do this project and kind of take my kids along with me on this journey.

So, when I got back into the music, I knew it wouldn’t be any profanity or anything like that. It all was going to be inspiring and uplifting. So, I came up with this project called 2020 vision. It’s on iTunes right now, I think we released that in 07’. It was empowering, positive hip-hop. I went on an inner-city music motivation tour. Went to all the schools I went to in Oklahoma, and all of our inner-city schools—I went there on my own dime, I didn’t charge any of the schools. I went and gave back. We set up assemblies in each school and we just gave them tips and tricks and tools. I used my story to tell them that they can overcome whatever it is that they are going through, but I also used hip hop.

During that course of time, somebody sent me a video of Eric Thomas. I started binge watching the video. He had a series at the time called Thank God It’s Monday. Every Monday he released a video on YouTube and just gave empowering tips to help people push through that Monday. You know Monday is that first day of the week and people are not usually excited to be back at work. As I started faithfully watching his videos, I was still writing music. I wrote a song and one of the lyrics was “kick it with your boys like a sinsay.” I thought of words, like what rhymes and I thought of Wednesday like the day of the week. I didn’t want to say it like the day of the week though, I wanted to change it. I thought to myself like WINSday. So, I said let me use it like that. So, he Thank God Its Monday. So, I said okay I am going to start creating video series every Wednesday, called Make Everyday a WINsday.

I started creating these series of videos and released them every Wednesday. By then, Eric Thomas had an onavation called Breathe University, and I signed up for it. I would post my videos in Breathe University. All of a sudden, Eric Thomas was commenting on my videos. He invited me to come down to Atlanta to be a part of This Game Changers Program. He was kicking off a program for speakers, he had never done it before. They chose like 20 of us to be the pilot group. So, we went down there and learned. They had coaches and different things like that. We got to spend a lot of time with Eric and learned a lot from him. I became an Eric Thomas Certified Speaker through that process. I learned a lot about the business, kept releasing my videos and it took me from just doing my regular Wednesday videos to doing voice-over videos with other big companies. I did those for motivational companies. Now I am on video with Denzel Washington, Eric Thomason, Will smith and anybody you can think of. I am on a lot of videos that have millions of views, empowering people to win, to become bigger and be the best versions of themselves and overcome whatever they are facing. So that’s kind of how Eric Thomas impacted me.

Albrean Wordsworth (interviewer): What are some everyday challenges that you face in your profession, and how do you overcome them?

Freddy Fri: The biggest one, I would say is time management for me. Time management is probably the biggest obstacle because I also have a business, so I fuse two worlds. I am a basketball coach. I used basketball coaching to become my business. I have a company called Court Time Events. I host youth basketball tournaments. So, I have to balance being this motivational speaker, being this hip-hop artist, this social media influencer, being this entrepreneur and being this coach, as well as being a dad and a husband. So, I have to try to manage my time. What it does is it forces me to prioritize things and make things a priority to make sure the most important things are getting done on a daily basis. For me, it’s not that hard because when it comes to all the motivation and empowerment, I am really doing that from the heart and it’s not a situation where I am chasing money.

As long as I feel like I am touching and reaching some people, I feel like I can do it as I do it. I speak to a lot of people, a lot of people message me and want advice on relationships or overcoming fear or dealing with certain situations, such as fake friends. Fake friends are a big one, dealing with people who they thought were their friends who are not their friends. I actually helped a lot of people, walk them through some situations and try to help them find the appropriate answer and resolution for them. So, time management is a big one for me and it’s an ongoing battle for me.

Albrean Wordsworth (interviewer): What advice would you give to somebody who is having struggles following their dreams?

Freddy Fri: Well the first thing that I am always going to say is get started. People always want to wait for what they consider the perfect time and there’s never a perfect time. If you’re looking for a perfect time, you will always find a way to make it not the perfect time. There are a lot of growing pains, failures, setbacks, and things that you don’t know even if you were to lay it out perfectly. Each one of our lives come with a set of built in problems and those are not the problems that we create by doing the dumb stuff that we tend to do in life, so be a doer. Whatever your goal is, whatever your dream is—start doing it. Whether it’s starting to learn more about the business, jumping in and starting to do it, but don’t say, “ Oh I got to have this perfect business plan before I start it,” because I promise you the perfect business plan is not perfect. You will not see the obstacles you are facing; you cannot write them out. The number one thing is get started, start doing, figure it out, embrace the failures, embrace the setbacks, fall in love with them because that is going to be the reason why you succeed. When others are quitting, you are succeeding and while they are taking breaks, you keep taking actions.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Thank you for sharing that. I agree what might work for someone else, may not work for you.

Freddy Fri: You’re welcome, let me say this too—your dream has its own energy affiliated with it. It has its own vibes with it that goes out into the universe. There are certain things that are going to happen for you, that are reserved only for your dream.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): How can our readers connect with you?

Freddy Fri: Any social media platform. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tic Toc, Twitter just search Freddy Fri Motivation. Our business is trying to help people overcome issues and change the way they think. If you change the way you think, you can change your life. It’s all about your mind, and most of the times if it’s not something medical that you can’t control, you can change the way you think, by simply applying a few strategies and tips that we talk about a lot.

Last modified: April 19, 2021