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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive interview featuring Patrick Wellington

Interviewed by Albrean Wordsworth

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Patrick, tell us a little bit about what you do.

Patrick Wellington: First, I am a hair stylist, I make sure that anyone who comes in the salon leaves looking a whole lot better than when they came in. You know, enhancing their beauty so they can feel as if they are on top of the world. In the salon, the whole atmosphere is created for a serene environment, particularly being in the heart of Chelsea which is very hectic and is busy. When you walk into the salon it is very relaxing; it is a calm serene environment. People want to stay there all day. Sometimes we have to put then out * Laughs*.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): * Laughs* Yes, I get it. I can understand, a person’s hair style is what makes them, it is your personality. Do you have a special theme or motto that you go by, which helps you operate your everyday business?

Patrick Wellington: Not really, but it’s all about beauty and each day is different. Every day I approach the day in a different way. You can’t give everyone the same look or make everyone feel the same way. Each client has her own individuality.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Yes of course. Would you say hair styling is more like an Art?

Patrick Wellington: In a sense, yes. As hair stylists, we are called artists. We color different styles and shades. So yes, hair styling is a part of an art. This art is not on a canvas, it is on people.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Yes, definitely, I totally agree. What hair styles do you specialized in?

Patrick Wellington: My strong point is hair cutting. I worked with a gentleman in the past, who taught me the art of hair cutting. I keep practicing my craft and I am working on perfecting it. Though, I can’t really perfect it because then it will get boring.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Awesome, you are very blessed to have the skill and talent to style hair. How did you find your gift to be able to style hair?

Patrick Wellington: When I was a kid, the lady who raised me was a seamstress. I never knew from being around her, I would learn how to become the hair stylist that I am today. I was always around fabric my whole life, but I didn’t want to be a clothes designer. So, with clothes you can take it off but with hair, you cannot take it off. You got to wear it all the time. That is what I like about hair.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): What would you say is one of your biggest challenges with owning a hair business?

Patrick Wellington: I wouldn’t say it’s challenging but it is a day to day operation. You know there is always something that might not go the way it is supposed to go. It’s mostly technical stuff, which might be a machine break down. You might have to call a mechanic, and still maintain your daily activities as a hair stylist. That’s the only thing but so far it has been great. Of course, there are some days that are more overwhelming than others, but I just keep it moving.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Yes, indeed. What advice do you have for any hair stylist that is looking to have their own hair business or beauty salon?

Patrick Wellington: I would say get the skills and get the clientele. Then put the pieces to the puzzle together because it is not just doing hair. You have to have assistance, you have to have managers, sometimes a receptionist and PR. It all depends where you want to start, but it is always good to start out simple and then grow it and get to know it.

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Yes, I totally agree. So, Patrick, how can our readers connect with you on social media?

Patrick Wellington: We have Instagram, twitter and Facebook. On twitter it is @Patwell and Instagram and Facebook it is @WellingtonHairspa

Albrean Wordsworth (Interviewer): Awesome! On behalf of Dr. Kishma George and K.I.S.H. Magazine, we would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to talk with us today!

Last modified: June 11, 2020