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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview featuring Sherneice Gatewood Alli, Founder of Sweet Yoni Spa Care and Body Butter!

KISH: Tell us about you.

My name is Sherneice Gatewood Alli, oldest of my mother six children, Mother of one and step mother of three and grandmother of a seven year old grandson. I am soon to be a 2023 MBA graduate. I am also a  survivor of domestic violence and now the CEO of a non Profit organization by the name of We Are Phenomenal Women, I currently sit on the board of two domestic violence org. (GBDV & Voices of Women) I am Co Owner of a for Profit I Am Phenomenal Unlimited LLC, Certified life Coach as well as a Certified Yoni/ Vaginal Steam Practitioner and now I am super excited to announce my newest project which is Sweet Yoni Spa Care and Body Butter, Coconut scrubs, hair growth products  and my newest products is beard oil. 

KISH: What is your dream and how will accomplishing your dream benefit you and others?

Sherneice: My dream is to own a spa where I can help the many women who rely on healthy techniques through natural and organic herbs. Starting with Yoni steaming that will help with detox and healing the womb. When using all natural organic body butters, scrubs etc. My spa will benefit me to see that something that was once a dream became a reality. The great benefit for the women is showing them how to take care of themselves naturally. 

KISH: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream?  

Sherneice: What inspired me to pursue my yoni steaming and body butter dream, was me seeing so many women who are not able to have children or suffer with many other women issues like cytes, fibroids etc. My husband inspires me also and he is definitely my tester especially when he has vitiligo, so his skin is sensitive. But my Body Butter cleared his sunburn. This is when I knew I did something right.  

KISH: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dream?

Sherneice: Money is one of my major challenges.  Buying the supplies, and educating on how this will change people’s perspective on healthy hygiene. However,  as a black entrepreneur you want your people to buy at a reasonable price but then I realized my products are for everybody not just one class of people. So my price must change to help make a profit in order to build my dream of opening a spa.  

KISH: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered?

 Sherneice: My Husband, My customers who speak highly about my products. That gives me joy.  

KISH: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence… dream.

Sherneice: Never give up on your dreams because one day your dreams can become your reality. Therefore, dream. 

Sherneice Gatewood Alli. Founder of Sweet Yoni Spa Care and Body Butter
Media Inquiries Ms. Anderson 914-222-3342

Sherneice Gatewood Alli founder of Sweet Yoni Spa Care and Body Butter. Launched her celebratory grand opening May 16th 2022. Then the unexpected happened. She had to close the doors of Sweet Yoni Spa Care. Mrs. Alli had no idea that the person leasing to her was in court over the location and was asked to vacate. Therefore, Sweet Yoni Spa Care had to close its doors immediately according to the court mandate. Not missing a beat. Sherneice Gatewood Alli launched her all-natural organic quality salon skin care line. It has often been said that when one door closes, another one opens. Sweet Yoni Care Body Butter has received rave reviews. Once you try her body butter, there is no going back to chemically-based products. Mrs. Alli’s all-natural line of Sweet Yoni Spa Care products consists of her famous Body Butter, Facial Scrub, Hair growth oil, and she did not leave out the men’s beard oil coming soon. For now, you can order the Sweet Yoni Spa Care Body Butter in Shea, Mango & Coco natural Butters with Flower Bomb. Within just a matter of weeks. Her 6 oz. jars are flying off the shelf.

Introducing chemically free Sweet Yoni Spa Care Body Butter, with all-natural ingredients. We believe Sherneice Gatewood Alli is set to be part of a growing market of skin care products. The Sweet Yoni Spa Care Body Butter is lightweight with a gentle fragrance. It is non-greasy and leaves your skin soft. A little dab will do to place generously all over your body as desired. It was reported that COVID contributed to the personal grooming industry. Natural products accounted for the largest revenue share of 71.9% in 2021. Personal hygiene and good health is at the top of the list since COVID. If you would like to interview Sherneice Gatewood Alli founder of Sweet Yoni Spa Care Body Butter on the benefits, key ingredients and how to use her wonderful products. You can contact Ms. Anderson at 914-222-3342 or by this email.

From Sherneice Gatewood Alli. “One of the reasons why I started making all-natural body butters is that chemical-based products can dry out your skin. When you use body butter, your skin will maintain moisture. My husband has vitiligo and recently he went to his daughter’s (my step-daughter) graduation. A couple of days later, I noticed his nose was sunburned and it began to blister. I made a batch of body butter strictly for the skin. Two days later, the burns and blisters were gone. I was so amazed at what I did and that it really worked. I continued to do my research and I joined a mastermind class to work towards obtaining my certificate to become a Natural Skincare Petitioner. My goal is to be a herbalist. My mission with my product line is to help women who have been through trauma, pain and abuse. If I can help them regain their power by feeling beautiful. I have completed my mission,with my all-natural organic self care product line Sweet Yoni Spa Care Body Butter.

Last modified: August 26, 2022