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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview featuring Syndie Prevost CEO/Founder of Maraboo Cosmetics.

KISH:  When and why did you decide to become a business owner?

I decided to create my own beauty brand, and became a business owner after I realized how much my products were helping my entourage such as family and friends.

KISH: Why the hair care industry?

Syndie: First, my goal was not to create a beauty brand to sell. I just wanted to create a product that is clean, safe and actually works for me and my family. Because I was already passionate about everything hair related; I said to myself why not? My family, friends, coworkers found in my products everything their hair needed. As a psych nurse, my instinct is to always help people and get them to be the best version of themselves. My hair care line helps me achieve that goal. I love seeing the success stories and the excitement in my customers eyes when they start seeing growth or when they finally retain that moisture. 

KISH: What or who inspired the name of the brand ‘Maraboo’?

Syndie: My people, my powerful black women from my community. Maraboo is the name given to strong beautiful Haitian women in Haiti regardless of their hair texture. It means beautiful, strong, and badass. I just want every woman using my products to feel as such.

KISH: What are some joys and frustrations of starting your own business?

Syndie: ughhh… Do I really need to go there lol. Joys: the reviews, the success stories and the fact that I am learning something new everyday. Maraboo is forcing me to get out of my comfort zone. Frustration: I can go on and on. I will not stay here and say that becoming a business owner is easy or only sharing how fulfilling it is. Most of the time, I feel lost. It can be lonely, disappointing. As a small business owner in a saturated market; it is easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you are out of your league. That alone can be frustrating. 

KISH: What sets Maraboo Cosmetics apart from the countless haircare lines on the market today?

Syndie: Maraboo is created with the customers in mind. Our products are 100% organic and safe for the whole family to use. Our products have properties not only to grow your hair, keep it healthy, but to also uplift your mood just by using it. We want to create a safe place for women to be authentically themselves without feeling the pressure of being perfect. Maraboo is created by a mother, a full time worker that understands perfect hair is not the priority, but healthy hair is. 

KISH: So many women are taking the leap of faith and starting their own businesses. How do you feel social media contributes to business owners and their businesses? 

Syndie: haha; I am still figuring this out. I know the platform is one of the best ways to put yourself out there and reach out to your audience. But to be authentically you, and finding people that can relate to you is where the success lies. 

KISH: What are your long-term goals for Maraboo Cosmetics?

Syndie: I want to see Maraboo becoming a part of women’s everyday lives. I want to see us in major retail stores. I want to see us being able to empower women and young girls to believe in themselves by trusting their abilities and their beauty from inside and out. I want to see us becoming the mental health advocate we want to be so young women can find resources to strengthen their mental health through our outreach programs. I want to see us assisting others in every capacity to understand that they are not alone in this journey they call life. 

KISH: What piece of advice would you give women looking to start their own businesses? 

Syndie: Go for it. It is scary, but know one thing; it is worth every second. Open yourself up to making mistakes, learn from them, and be ok with them. Be open to advice and counsel,  but do not shy away from what makes you and your company what you want it to be. 

KISH: On which social media platforms do we keep up with Maraboo Cosmetics? 

Syndie: We are on facebook @maraboollc, and IG: maraboo.llc

Last modified: August 16, 2022