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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Atia Sherrod!

KISH:: Tell us about you..

Atia: Atia Sherrod is an experienced serial entrepreneur who has dived into the fashion industry. She is the founder/owner of a unisex streetwear clothing brand called Zuri Nova. Driven by simplicity being the ultimate sophistication, she takes pride in making sure she provides quality pieces at an affordable price.

KISH:: What is your dream and how will accomplishing your dream benefit you and others?

Atia: My goals for my brand is having exceptional customer service and being able to give back to my community by teaching others the fashion industry and how to believe in their dreams and getting out of their own way of accomplishing those dreams they have set for themselves.

KISH: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream?

Atia: My mother is who inspires me in every avenue of my life. She is the epitome of a strong black woman. I’ve always seen my mother hold her head high even in the midst of a storm she may have endured. She inspires me to be the best version of myself and never half step in anything in my life. I’m truly grateful for her.

KISH: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dream?

Atia: My biggest challenge has been me. I know a lot of people may not want to take accountability but for me, yes I’ve been the issue. I’ve had moments where I felt my dreams were too big to accomplish, but I’ve always been told if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough. Now, I just keep that in mind and continue to put my foot on my own neck.

KISH: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered?

Atia: God! God has pushed me and held my hand every step of the way. I know he hasn’t brought me this far to leave me stranded, long as I pray to him and get his permission in every move I make I know I’ll be just fine.

KISH: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence… dream big and never let anyone take you off your pedestal.

Atia: My favorite quote is by Alicia Keys, “Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it.” Make sure you all follow me I can be found on Instagram.com/Zurinovaofficial and Instagram.com/Brighteyez224


Last modified: February 17, 2021