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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Dr.’s Apostle’s Alton & Nicckay Natson!

Dr.’s Alton and Nicckay Natson are Apostles who have been sent, called, and chosen by God. They are the founders of Alton and Nicckay Natson Global Inc (ANNGI), a non-profit organization, Alton and Nicckay Natson Ministries (ANNM), and Kingdom Global Alliance Network, where they are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Nicckay has been awarded an iconic leading lady award presented by (WWT) Women Without Titles (Founder: Prophetess Felicia Johnson) for being a woman who does great things in the earth and has been honored by God in heaven but not by men on earth. She has also been awarded by Shekinah Global Ministries (Founder Apostle Dr. Doris Riley) an award for her leadership role and mentorship programs. She has also been awarded by Lady Capri Ministries (Founder Dr. Nakia Eason) for being a woman of vision for her leadership and excellence. She has been featured in God Lock Magazine, on the QUEEN Millionaire Podcast, and Faith Focused Finish Radio Talk Show along with a plethora of guest appearances on a variety of radio and television shows.  Dr.’s Alton and Nicckay are both spiritual parents and mentors of many. They provide a spiritual covering for their sons and daughters in the faith and those in the fivefold ministry through the Kingdom Global Alliance Network. They take very seriously the role and responsibility that God has called them both too. God has graced Apostle Nicckay to be an intercessor. 

She is a prophetic teacher, an emerging prophetic voice, and a seer; the Lord has also graced Apostle Alton to be a watchman, a great teacher, and a man of wisdom. Apostle’s Alton and Nicckay are a dynamic duo; they are both radical for Christ with a kingdom mindset; they are pioneers for this age and the age to come. They both blaze the trail for the body of Christ without compromise. Dr. Nicckay is the co-author of Daughters of Triumph, Overdue, Letters to my Legacy, and Unshakable Faith; the author of The Birthing of An Intercessor, Lifting the Mask, The Pure in Heart, a 31-day devotional.  Dr. Alton is currently working on a book collaboration, and he has authored The Love Nest Devotional for Couples after God’s own Heart that he and Dr. Nicckay wrote together. They are kingdompernuers, leaders within their community, and one ‘s who know how to operate and flow in the kingdom and the marketplace with grace. Before Dr. Nicckay owned her businesses, she worked for 20 plus years and wore many different hats from an early childhood educator to principal, from director to mentor director, training and teaching leaders and managers how to be effective at leadership, and organizational management, building systems, creating policies from a business consultant and coaching for the government were she coached, advised, consulted and mentored over 40 sites for the government on a regional level, from that to a behavior analyst to a lead mental health therapist to a therapist supervisor. She worked these jobs until her husband said to her that he wanted her to come off of the job and work on the things that God has birth and placed within her for them.

Before Apostle Alton owned his businesses, he served his country for 20 years in the military. He started out from an E nothing and retired as a Major.  Dr’s Alton and Nicckay are also the Founders of Natson Enterprises, Rejuvenation Counseling, Coaching & Consulting LLC., Dream Realty, Remnant Arising Academy & Training Institute, Touched by Heaven Christian Gifts & Accessories, and Natson Publishing & Creatives LLC. On the ministry side, Alton and Nicckay Natson Global Inc. and Alton and Nicckay Natson Ministries both Dr.’s Alton and Nicckay also founded L.I.F.T (Ladies In Faith Together) International, a global ministry beyond the four walls of the church a ministry that empowers, educates, equips, and platform woman in ministry and in the marketplace along with various other things with the belief that my pulpit is the world, Kingsman International a ministry that restores the whole man, educate, and equips, The Love Nest Radio and The Love Nest TV Show, The Love Nest Magazine for married couples, singles, and everybody. Manifesting the Kingdom Prayer Call/Kingdom Snipers Global Intercessory Prayer Hub, and the Kingdom Talk Broadcast Radio Show (KTB).  Dr. Nicckay is a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist, Licensed Christian Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Certified Professional Mentor. Dr. Alton is licensed as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Licensed Christian Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Mentor, and Certified Professional Life Coach. They are both helping families resolve the complexities of life through professional Christian counseling, life coaching, mentoring, inner healing & deliverance.

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Last modified: August 27, 2021