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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Jacquelyn Douglas!

KISH: Tell us about you…

Jacquelyn: Hair color is one of the most sought after and requested services in the salon.  Hair coloring is fun and sexy to have and it gives you a new look. Once you get Hair color, you will not go back to the ordinary.  The hair color trends for 2021 are very exciting and untraditional, yet compatible with the fashion trends.  If you have been sporting the same look since grade school, it’s time to refresh your look.Trends are triggered by celebrities, film and even the economy.

multidimensional  colors are always in trend.  light next to dark, cool next to warm.The colors for this year are peachy browns, ruby reds, statement money pieces, and always any form of blonde mixture.

When getting hair color, ask yourself how much do you want to commit to your hair color? Is this something that you want to get done every 6 weeks because your roots are showing or do you want it to fade out or grow out? This will determine what technique you will get and what your stylist will perform.  

Colors range from temporary, semi permanent and permanent.  Temporary -these are your color sprays, mascara wands, rinses and chalk.  semi permanent last 6-8 weeks and depends on how often you shampoo your hair.  This will give you highlights that you can see in the sun on hair or you can go darker (you can not go lighter with semi permanent color),  this color gives the hair a nice shine and makes some hair appear fuller.  Semi permanent color gradually fades out of the hair. after it fades out you can get it again or go to something more permanent.    Permanent hair color is in your hair until it grows out or you cut it out.  You can go lighter with permanent hair color.  you usually need to go at least two shades lighter if you want to see a noticeable difference, this is a service where you can get multiple looks and be more creative. you can push your comfort boundaries. 

Have a new attitude toward super bright shades and colors, they’re not shocking they’re refreshing for you.  

There are endless color possibilities; full head highlights, lowlights, multidimensional, peekaboo, shading, slicing, tipping, bayalage, ombre” and  etc.  These can be worn by women of any background.  Colors can be placed anywhere on the head.  they can be hidden until you are ready to show them,soft and subtle or bright and bold.  

I love to inspire change in women through color, this is my specialty in the salon. whether it’s just a piece , slice or full head, your confidence level shoots thru the roof when you receive hair color. I love to  Stand out rather than fit in.



Last modified: April 19, 2021