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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Janyelle Marie Milton

KISH: Tell us about you..
I love to learn new things.I’m a creator. I love to take an idea, a concept and build on it. I’m a serial entrepreneur because of it. I am the founder of Cashmere Feet and J Marie Premium Sneakers, two brands centered around feet. I  love creating businesses that are unique and solving a problem. I love to have impact. I love being around thinkers, movers and shakers. I love thought provoking people, places and things but beyond that I love being around people, places and things that take thoughts and provoke positive change through actions.
KISH: What is your dream and how will accomplishing your dream benefit you and others?
Janyelle: I want to make an impact with both of my brands. I want them to be financially successful,  ethical and socially responsible. And use that success and influence to bless God’s people in whatever way that looks like as long as it was ordered by him.
KISH: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream? 
Janyelle: Any person who became successful in whatever way they define doing what they love or was called to do.
KISH: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dream? 
Janyelle: Health issues, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. That has bothered my eyesight. Tumultuous relationships. No finances. *smiles* you know “life”
KISH: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered? 
Janyelle: How far I’ve come after the last challenge. There is a bible verse…..
James 1:3 “Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”
 It’s true….after going through stuff you realize two things….you are not beyond obstacles and life goes on after them so you just have to KEEP going. Don’t let anything stagnate you.
KISH: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence… dream.
Janyelle : Pray and be sure that dream is from God. Do the research to be sure it’s not a nightmare and once you have confirmation….WAKE UP and do the work to make that dream a reality!
Last modified: May 10, 2021