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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Lateshia Pearson!

Interviewed by Jocelyn Castor

Jocelyn: Mrs. Lateshia Pearson!

Lateshia: Heyyy!

Jocelyn: The TV Reality TV Star who’s in a show on Oprah Winfrey TV Network called Belle Collective!

Lateshia: Yessss, did you watch the show, really?

Jocelyn: Yes, I did!

Lateshia: (Laughing)

Jocelyn: I know you’re the CEO of the National Women’s Brunch Organization, could you tell us a little bit about that?

Lateshia: Absolutely, National Women’s Brunch and also Women Brunch are two organizations. One is for profit the other is non-profit for female entrepreneurs to network. We assist them with starting a business and getting them registered from beginning to the end. We have partnerships with different banks and private investors who will come in and help them start a business, expanding their business by giving them a line of credit and reporting it to the bureau to help with credit issues. Most people are unaware that there’re two lines of credit. There’re personal credit and business credit. We educate them through national which is through our non-profit on the different types of credit and help connect them with various banks who can give them a line of credit. We have credit repair specialist, grant writers, people in our team that write business plans, and consultants who can assist with starting a non-profit organization if they would like. The organization is a house for entrepreneurs who would like to start a business. We also have programs for seasonal entrepreneurs as well as accounting and people to help with taxes. We’re a house of everything that’s needed for entrepreneurs.

Jocelyn: Nice! I’ll make sure to contact you if I need to start my own business!

Lateshia: Yess, yess please do!

Jocelyn: What are some things that help you stay consistent and loyal at work considering you used to work at a law firm for eleven years?

Lateshia: When I stepped out on my own, I kept the same work ethics. I don’t sleep in, I get up, I do my normal routine, I clock in every day, I write down all my daily tasks that need to be completed daily and I also write down all of my goals. Consistency is everything, that’s what helps me move forward, so I have to stay consistent.

Jocelyn: Yes, I definitely understand! What are some of your hobbies?

Lateshia: Outside of work, believe it or not, I’m at home, I’m reading, spending time with family, especially since I don’t get a lot of time to spend quality time. I love to meditate, connecting with myself, and with family.

Jocelyn: I think it’s beautiful how the world is able to see the bond between you and your husband, Glenn, on the show Belle Collective. What are some tips you can provide to people that want to keep their relationship alive?

Lateshia: Glenn and I has been together since I was seventeen years old, and we grew up together. Some of the things that help keep our relationship alive is just going back to the kid in you. Try to find that first date and get it back to that feeling, and just love on each other and have fun. It’s ok to be weird, be weird!

Jocelyn: What has been your biggest achievement as a life coach?

Lateshia: Being able to witness people become the very best version of themselves. When I first speak to someone, I noticed that some of them had no direction, no ideas, and full of fear inside of them. I was able to help them through life and overcome obstacles to help them become the best version of themselves. After ending a session and seeing them 2-3 months later living their best lives and seeing their confidence build up was the greatest achievement for me to see someone else becoming who they were supposed to be.

Jocelyn: How can people reach you on Social Media?

Lateshia: (Facebook) Lateshia Pearson, (Instagram) Lateshia_Pearson

Jocelyn: On behalf of K.I.S.H. Magazine, Dr. Kishma George and myself, Jocelyn Castor, we would like to thank you so much for attending this interview! Blessings!

Last modified: November 24, 2021