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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Pilar Sanders

Interviewed Jocelyn Castor

The gorgeous, dynamic and multi-talented Pilar Sanders is making her mark on the fitness entertainment industry. With two hit shows underneath her belt, this mother, model, actress, producer, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and personal trainer is now looking to motivate the masses and change lives through fitness with Pilar Fit 4Life. Pilar grew up in Elmira, NY. just southwest of Syracuse, where she attended Syracuse University before she began her professional career in modeling. She started off with print and runway work, which led her to a contract with one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world, Ford Models. In a very short amount of time Pilar caught the acting bug and appeared in many different television shows such as “Veronica’s Closet,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Walker, Texas Ranger” and LL Cool J’s hit show, “In The House.” She also appeared in movies such as “Mod Squad,”

“Streets of Blood” and “Percentage.” After moving to Texas, Pilar took her talents to behind the screen as she co-produced and starred in Oxygen Network’s “Deion & Pilar PrimeTime Love” then ventured to VH-1’s show called,

“Football Wives”.
Pilar, a Black belt in Taekwondo and former athlete in soccer, tennis, track, swimming and NASM Certified Trainer knows how important it is to be in good shape and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Pilar’s love for fitness has a very strong impact on her children who are all sought after student athletes. The eldest, Shilo, an SEC starter in football and also a college baseball player. Shedeur, is a 5 star ranked quarterback committed to making his collegiate appearance in 2021. The youngest of three and Pilar’s only daughter, Shelomi, a high school junior basketball star who is well on her way to joining her older bothers’ collegiate athletic status. Shelomi can also be seen motivating the masses through fitness alongside her mother throughout the Pilar Fit 4Life Series.

Pilar’s love for fitness and healthy living has reached hundreds of thousands of fans on and throughout social media outlets including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The way Pilar sees it, being healthy and fit go hand in hand, as it being the best version of yourself. Leading an active lifestyle, fueling yourself with whole nutritious foods, centering and meditating daily rejuvenates your mental and spiritual states. All is a recipe in allowing yourself to be blissful, receptive and aligned.

Jocelyn: Tell us about your series “ Pilar fit for life”.

Pilar: It’s a 7 video fitness workout series comprised of hip workouts, band workouts, full body, abs, just everything. We have some workouts that last for 12 mins, 24mins. I have wonderful and attractive trainers that will workout with you. My 18 year old daughter Shelomi is in it as well.

Our young ones can also get in there and get fit, toned and shaped up for there season. I also have a soundtrack, it’s a music mix. It’s made with all original music and a producer helped me with it all. The music was created in 432hz and it provides that healing and nature sounds that gets into the cells and it orchestrates harmony and healing from the inside.

The music is actually out now. It came out on November 1, 2021 and it was number 1 on amazon and the DVDs came out on December 28, 2021 and it was also number 1 on amazon. We’re now streaming on Vimeo, you can download it, stream it or rent it. It’s also available digital as well. The music is available on all of the music platforms such as Spotify, Apple, and Amazon music.

Jocelyn: What advice do you have for people that lack the motivation to workout?

Pilar: People need to find their why. You want to ask yourself, do you want to feel good? Do you want to fit in the clothes you used to fit into a couple years ago? Do you want to run longer? Do you want to play with your children? You just have to start somewhere, just like Nike’s slogan-Just Do It!

Jocelyn: How long would it take someone to see the results that they’re looking for from watching and following your workouts?

Pilar: It really depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking to shed fat? build muscle? If you’re looking just to change your shape? I promise you that you’ll feel the difference in a week. Be sure to add extra cardio on your days off. You’re going to see and notice a change especially in your shape first because you lose inches before you lose weight on the scale. After 3 weeks it’s gonna become a habit for you and then it’s going to become a way of life.

Jocelyn: How important is it for you to eat healthy while working out?

Pilar: Eating is 90% of your fitness. If you’re not used to eating healthy and clean, you should still start to workout. The more in tune you become with your body, you’ll welcome in positive energy. It’s all synergistic, you’re not going to want to eat certain foods after eating a certain way from the result you’re going to see. I had a friend who drank 9 Dr. Peppers a day. She didn’t exercise, she didn’t really do anything. I used some of the programs from Pilar Fit For Life and had her start doing push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups and within 30 days she lost 30Ibs! It changed her entire outlook with her fitness lifestyle.

Jocelyn: How long have you been a personal trainer?

Pilar: I started training when I was a student in college. I then got married, had children and had a youth group who I trained during that time.

Jocelyn: How can people reach you on social media?

Pilar: (Facebook) Pilar Sanders, (Twitter) Pilar Sanders, (Instagram) Pilar Sanders

Last modified: January 17, 2022