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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with RaChanda LaKeadra (Smith)!

She was born on December 3rd,  in Fort Rucker, AL. A Native of Ozark, AL. She is a Single Mom of three- Reilyn (9), Bartees (4), and Jeremiah (2). She is a Domestic Violence Overcomer and has founded a Domestic Violence Awareness nonprofit organization with 3 others,(Jakita Johnson, Michelle McLeod, and Katrishka King) called “Love Beyond” that started from co-writing “Love Beyond.”

While writing something soo traumatic, she realized it was time to go back to therapy, and seek out additional classes,etc… to do the soul work to heal properly, if she was really going to help my clients and other DV Overcomers. What she found was “Breakthrough with Brie”. She was literally gifted several sessions and her latest book was legit birth from one of the sessions. Her church was cranking up another round of “Wounds and Bruises” Classes and she made sure she showed up to every class for a period of 12 classes over several months. Her Auntie, Markita D. Collins, also had a mentorship group called “Heal While You Build”. It would force her to Level up in every area. So these three mechanisms have truly worked together and allowed her to produce something beautiful and be a healed person.

Affirmations for the Broken Soul is her first Solo project. This is a book that will help heal Broken Souls, Mend Broken hearts, break Soul-ties, break Bondage and strongholds, and help its readers do some real deal inner healing. She even pushed the envelope and discussed fear and lust!! Prophetess Brienna Taylor Forwarded the book.

She is a Co-Host on Wake Up With the Prophet, which is a Morning show on Clubhouse and soon to be radio show, with Prophet Omarious J. Fann and the Crew. 

She is also A Business Strategist, 5S System Certified, Virtual Assistant/Project Manager, and a Newly Certified Life Coach at Chanda’s Consulting. She is a servant at heart!! It is her heart’s desire to help others birth, the very thing they are called to do. She is passionate about helping others not only create and generate wealth, but protect their legacy financially. 

Last modified: December 17, 2021