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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Rachel Wilson!

KISH: Tell us about you..

Rachel Wilson: I am a woman of God whose aspirations and goals are to primarily please God and fulfill his purpose for my life. I am the proud wife of Ronald Wilson and we have been married for 24 years. I am also a proud mother of 4 boys, which I consider to be a major highlight in my life..” In addition to that, I also pastor alongside of my husband for 22 years, I am a certified life coach where I coach women to their destiny, I am the founder and executive director for Girl Talk International, Inc. which was established 11 years ago, and 6 years ago Girl Talk International launched “Flavors” which is a Christian based, middle school after-school mentorship program for girls.”

KISH: What is your dream and how will accomplishing your dream benefit you and others?

Rachel Wilson: My dream has always and will always be to spend the rest of my life helping people in any way that God makes possible.” Some of the opportunities that God has opened up for me to help are; being a Psalmist/Gospel Artist bringing edification, hope and peace through song, life coaching by helping women cope through life’s most difficult challenges that come as they try to pursue their dreams and goals, and Pastoring side by side with my husband to build the communities and the local church by giving hope, love and peace through teaching and expressing the word of God.”

KISH: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream?

Rachel Wilson: Primarily, God is the inspiration behind what I do and who I do it for but God uses people to inspire me as well. I’m very inspired by my husband’s gift of teaching the word of God and helping me understand the basic fundamentals of Christendom.” This inspiration helps me look a little deeper into my faith and how I study the word of God.” As far as musical inspiration, I have several gospel artists that inspire me through their style and music but primarily Pastor Shirley Caesar has been one of my inspirations from the beginning. and in addition to her I have found inspiration in other artists such as; Mary Mary, Jekalyn Carr, and Juanita Bynum just to name a few.”

KISH: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dream?

Rachel Wilson: I don’t know about anyone else but my journey has birthed many challenges in my life that led me to not believe that I was called to the gospel industry. Set backs, being overlooked, lack of support etc, all played a role in my life of being hurt and very frustrated along the way because I had a warped perspective that if God called me to this path it is supposed to be easy! That was far from the truth. I have been in this process for many years and I’m just beginning to see things try to level out where I feel like my work is being noticed and respected. Although it has been tough, I wouldn’t change one thing about my journey, to be able to go through what I’ve been through and still rise above it all and have faith to encourage others

KISH: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered?

Rachel Wilson: God has always been my number one person who keeps me anchored and believing in myself. I quit in my mind and in my faith at times, but God! God would give me dreams and encouraging words along the way to keep me in the game so I can enjoy a major win at the end.

KISH: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence… dream.

Rachel Wilson: To all of you that understand the words that are coming out of my mouth LOL… please don’t give up on your goals and your dreams that you know God has given you. That’s the “KEY” that God has given you. Be careful not to put your own selfish dreams in front of what God has called you to do in this life and has gifted you to do. Many of us waste our life being self-governed by what we want rather than what God has for us. I want to encourage you to keep fighting for what you know God has said. For me, God has called me to the gospel industry to be a beam of light and bring hope to the world through ministering, singing and giving.” As a very confident daughter in Zion, I hold God to his promises and I hold myself to never give up on my dreams.

Last modified: January 15, 2021