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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive interview with Sabrea Seaborough!

KISH: Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Sabrea Seaborough, the owner of Toddler Boss International.

I’m just a girl who discovered early on, at two, that I had a natural talent to design clothing for my dolls. My fruit snack wrappers became stylish dresses. I transformed my old socks into elegant skirts, tops, and dresses. Transforming trash into treasures is my specialty. 

My mom calls me a creative genius, the Vera Wang of dolls, and the original Toddler BossTM.

KISH: Who was the Toddler Boss brand created for?

Sabrea: Gone are the days of the entrepreneur that normally reflect individuals in their mid-40’s+ dressed in business attire carrying a briefcase. The faces have changed! They now reflect teenagers and young toddlers, dressed with flair, who are rising up as bosses in the entrepreneurship arena.

This brand was created for toddlerpreneurs who are creative geniuses, bossy with a hint of kindness, know-it-alls, and masters at making messes! 

So, momma, we’re helping you to identify the signs of a Toddler Boss. 

Do you have a baby who loves to make music with pots and pans? You may have a musical genius in the making. 

Got a lil one who loves to build with blocks and Legos? They may be an architect in the making. 

Are you tired of your lil one doodling over your chairs, carpets, and walls? They may just be an artist in the works!

Does your baby love to take socks and items around the house to make clothing for their dolls? Fashion designer is that you?

If so, welcome to the new age of bosses! We are toddler bosses!

KISH: Tell us your dream for the Toddler Boss brand. 

Sabrea:I want to see my brand all around the world including places like Canada and Paris and for it to grace the shelves of places such as: Target, Children’s Place, and Walmart. 

We want to ignite a movement of Toddler Bosses who will boldly wear our attire and let the world know who we are!

KISH: How can someone connect with you on social media?

Sabrea:Facebook: @toddlerbossinternational

IG: @toddlerbossinternational

IG: @sabreaseaborough

KISH: Where can moms go and grab their toddler bosses a tee to join this powerful movement?

 Sabrea: www.sabreaseaborough.com

Last modified: February 1, 2022