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K.I.S.H. Magazine Exclusive Interview with Trailblazer Mz. Maya J.

KISH: Tell us about you:

Mz. Maya J. – I am known as Mz. Maya J. CEO/Founder of Maya J Enterprises and The Emergent Goddess. I am a self-worth and manifestation coach to help women develop relationship mastery in romance and business. I am also a transformational speaker and a single mother of 3. Having overcome a life-changing event of losing my son at only 10 months to the state, and being split from my kids for nearly 2 years. The battle led me to my own journey of self love and self worth and that’s where I found my true purpose was to help people find who they are at their core so they develop the confidence to transform their lives and pursue goals that were termed impossible. As a speaker, I use my compelling life experiences to deliver powerful messages that strike a chord with my audience. I am also a justice advocate.

KISH: What is your dream?

Mz. Maya J. – My dream is to become legendary globally. Built a business and a brand world wide. My dream is to become the #1 female transformational speaker/thought leader in the world and create a global coaching business. I dream of all of my books becoming and remaining best sellers nationally, on amazon, internationally and in New York Times. My dream is to impact the lives of billions of people by shifting the collective consciousness from fear based to self-empowered at full or near full capacity. I will open consciousness schools that keep children connected to their spiritual self, we will teach entrepreneurship and financial literacy, we will also teach emotional and self mastery. My dream is to break generational curses not just from my family but for others in the world held back by what they see and are conditioned by. Then I will recreate corporate America with my chain of hotels and resorts to create a family atmosphere for employees instead of an “expendable” atmosphere. Employees are just as important as customers and I intend to create an environment that embodies this. Hoping to be #1 for best careers. As a justice advocate, I also dream of changing the justice system and dismantling the corruption within the public systems including Child Services.

I believe with my whole heart that my dream of changing the dynamics of Corporate America will benefit those who “can’t keep a job”, it will benefit single mothers with support and flexibility, it will set a standard for corporate America. My dream to shift the collective consciousness from fear based to self empowered will benefit people in a way they no longer have to be run by their circumstances and they can turn their pains into power. This will help the world as a whole as the government will be unsuccessful with fear propaganda and people will be less marginalized.

KISH: Who or what inspired you to pursue this dream?

Mz. Maya J – I inspire myself to pursue this dream after having healed through what I was going through AS I WAS GOING THROUGH IT. That was miraculous to me and incredibly powerful and I thought to myself, “we have been conditioned to play small, I am going to teach people to take their power back”. From an early age I had the desire to lead, speak out, pour life into people. I used to want to touch hearts and change lives with my music (I Sing), books (I write), and my movies (acting). I have always felt a calling to lead. Every generation has a leader and I believe I am my generation’s leader.

KISH: What challenges have you encountered while pursuing your dreams?

Mz. Maya J. – I have experienced SO MANY challenges. One thing I noticed while pursuing my dreams is I’m standing on my truths more and that raises a lot of opposition from people who don’t have the same prosperity mindset. For example, one truth for myself is that I would rather change myself to change the things around me, than to change the things around me and I stay the same. Most people, their whole focus is changing their finances, changing how others perceive them, changing their home, etc. they barely if ever think to grow and evolve as a person. Then there’s Maya, I would rather be the best Maya I can be, love me at maximum capacity so I just naturally pour into others, train my mind to adapt to the life I am pursuing and shake off old conditioning, be intentional In my day to day and my actions, think from the place of abundance rather than an impulse decision from fear and lack, and most don’t understand that. So I experience people asking me “if you’re in a financial bind why won’t you just take any job anywhere for any amount?” That’s a fear based decision. Fear based decision will always result in circumstances you didn’t wish to be in, and I have learned not to place myself where I don’t wish to be.

Other challenges I have faced were homelessness, living in a hotel. Converting from an in person speaker to a virtual speaker, I had to study because it’s a completely different ball game. Vulnerability even became a challenge for me recently. I’m best at being vulnerable after I overcome the “thing”, not so much during.

As you grow and evolve in self, and emotional mastery, and awareness, it’s not that the challenges stop coming, it’s that you begin to handle them with grace and gratitude because you know they aren’t there to stay but they are necessary to your journey.

KISH: Who or what inspired you to keep pushing regardless of the challenges you’ve encountered?

Mz. Maya J. -Excellent Question. There were and are many things that keep me pushing. One thing is, I refused to leave this world not having made my contribution because what was it all for? Another thing for me is positive affirmations and the feeling of my dreams coming true. I want others to believe they can achieve the impossible and if I stop I may kill another’s tenacity. Celebrities who took the leap of faith keep me pushing. Such as Taraji P. Henson, Steve Harvey, Tyrese Gibson, Viola Davis. They kept pushing, and growth is something that is very important to them. When I’m down, I’ll pull out a book or a magazine article. Viola Davis has an article from People Magazine that I took out and laminated. It speaks of her strength, her journey, and her humility. This keeps me pushing. Last but not least my kids. I am determined to be the generational wealth breaker, the dream maker, and show them how to do it repeatedly and duplicate it so the generations after me don’t have to the “poor getting poorer”. My kids have big dreams, every day we are doing things to solidify the belief in their dreams and hold their vision and strength to pursue them. My kids often inspire and encourage their friends. I love watching it and that absolutely is more than enough to keep me pushing.

KISH: Please provide final thoughts/advice for others by finishing this sentence….dream.

Mz. Maya J. – DREAM SO BIG IT SCARES YOU! Don’t always listen to everything everybody says. It’s common to dream big dreams, it’s not common to pursue them, so the moment you are bold enough to pursue them, everyone to afraid to pursue theirs will give you all the reasons you shouldn’t pursue yours. In reality, they can’t encourage you to go where they haven’t been if they’re too afraid to get there, and if it’s your dream you should absolutely commit to bringing it to fruition. Trailblazers create a path that hasn’t been paved before, you can’t trail blaze following the path others have already blazed.

Last modified: February 8, 2021