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K.I.S.H. Magazine Interview Featuring Caige Phoenix

Full Name: Caige Phoenix
Location: Atlanta, GA
E-mail Address: caige@caigephoenix.com
Website: caigephoenix.com 
IG: caigephoenix
FB: Caige Phoenix

The UnCaiged Life (private online community)

Caige Phoenix, mom, author, speaker, media personality, serial entrepreneur, and super creative, is a woman of passion who seeks to use her influence to ignite women to heal and make a transformational impact on those around her. Caige, The Lifestyle Architect, teaches women to transform their Mind, Health and Lifestyle to LIVE an UnCaiged Life, change their narrative and create a life they desire and deserve. Her main purpose is to help women break the cycle of living in their trauma and curate a life they dream of. 

Caige has experienced an overwhelming amount trauma since the age of 3 years old and still encounters it today. Her ability to manage the turbulence of life and still be an effective, productive mother and businesswoman has not been without blood, sweat and tears; but her ability to PUSH through is something she is purposed to help plant in other women so they too can rise from the ashes of their own trauma and live a life they are excited to wake up to everyday!

Caige has used writing as a therapeutic tool for most of her life. Whether journaling, poetry, music or just pouring out her inner most thoughts on paper, she discovered early on her gift to tell a story. Caige then began funneling her pain through lifestyle and the arts. She often says, “being a creative saved me.” Never having the opportunity to have counseling or any type of therapy, she used different outlets of lifestyle, i.e., fashion, beauty, wellness, entertainment, etc. as a focus to heal.

She is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of InfluencHER Lifestyle Magazine and CEO and Creative Director of K’Moni & Co., a boutique brand PR firm out of Atlanta, GA. Additionally, Caige is the creator of The UnCaiged Life, an online community that influences other women to UNCAIGE everything they’re holding hostage within them and exchanging beauty for ashes. 

Caige has spent much of her life coming face to face with consecutives traumas that left her in a cycle of making decisions out of survival or simply as a trauma response. This left her usually in a state of chaos, depression, and feeling hopeless about her situation seeing no way out. Despite that, something within her kept her moving forward, fighting for the life she knew she deserved and wanted to give her children. Regardless of her circumstances, she was committed to breaking the negative generational strongholds over her life.

“God has given me the kind of GRIT, the world will never understand.” Caige Phoenix

It is this grit, that ignited her to persevere through all her challenges and learn to break the cycle of living IN her trauma. She has committed herself to work with other women who are living in their own trauma to teach them how to shift from a state of survival and brokenness into a place of happiness and success while still dealing with life’s misfortunes. She wants women to know, you don’t have to wait for everything to be “ok” to start your pursuit of happiness! Caige’s desire is to help women live NOW and tap into the grit that is buried within them to have the strength to overcome and create the life they desire to have while still going through their trials.


Last modified: September 12, 2022