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K.I.S.H. Magazine Interview featuring Dr. Nancy V. Brown

Dr. Nancy V Brown was born in Costa Rica and moved to the United States at the age of nine with her mother. Unable to speak English when she first arrived, Nancy was severely bullied and teased by other students which made it difficult to adjust in school.

Dr. Nancy endured many difficulties in Costa Rica from homelessness, childhood sexual abuse at age 5, severe dog attack experiencing a near death experience, many traumas growing up and found herself rebelling in her adolescent years, landing her in the foster care juvenile system, suicide attempt at age 13, getting pregnant at age 14 and becoming a teenage mother. She opens up and shares her story about the many challenges, storms, spiritual battles, the fight to change her life, and the healing power of forgiving herself and others with the power of God’s Love in her book MY COSTA RICAN HUMMING BIRD SINGS Breaking The Bondage and Answering The Call. This book is a memoir about her earlier years in Costa Rica, the fight for her life, her poetry, spiritual testimonies, divorce, single motherhood mental health recovery and suicide prevention written in 2017. 

Her life’s purpose is working with broken women in their healing journey, the youth and children who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, their families to help them support the victims recovery process and working on their own recovery as sexual trauma recovery can take a toll on the whole family. 

As a suicide survivor herself and after losing her own sister by way of suicide in 2020, Dr Nancy has made it her life’s mission to help others struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health diagnosis due to trauma. She is also a survivor of narcissistic abuse, DV and has experienced many different forms of emotional abuse. She is passionate about helping other survivors through her advocacy and coaching. She has shared her testimony on several platforms domestically and internationally in hopes of helping others who are healing from trauma survive. Dr Nancy founded the mentoring program called Brave Girls Rise Up in 2017. The program is designed to assist and provide resources for girls and women who are dealing with bullying, mental health trauma recovery, Suicide prevention, sexual abuse or domestic violence. Providing advocacy, coaching and Job readiness through her beauty industry trainings as she is a certified, licensed Master Hair Stylist, Hair Loss expert and Master Educator. 

Today Dr Nancy serves as the Chairwoman at the Advisory Board Council for the Department of Juvenile Justice for the boys department under Ms. ShaRon LovettOzuem and the girls lock up facility under Mrs. White. She works closely with both the girls and boys and shares hope, words of wisdom and encouragement with the youth. Her goal is to help them see a new path and reduce Juvenile recidivism. She speaks at schools, organizations and churches to adults and the youth. She is a certified Crisis Intervention Team Youth Instructor to help better support at risk youth with behavioral issues in her community. Nancy is a mental health and suicide prevention advocate and is a trained peer support for suicide loss survivors. She is an advocate and facilitator for AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is a trained facilitator and advocate for NAMI the National Alliance on Mental Illness and is a radio host for NAASCA National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. 

Dr. Nancy had the honor of working with Atlanta Council Member Keisha Waites on her mental health symposium in Atlanta Georgia and being interviewed by council Waites for another one of her minority mental health initiative projects as a representative of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Dr. Nancy had the honor of being presented with the prestigious Newton Universal legendary award and the Dr. Julius Wayne Dudley award in 2022 for her mental health advocacy work by the Socio Economic Development Foundation of Boston  in conjunction  with Living in the 21st Century TV Network. 

Dr. Nancy currently holds an associates degree in Criminal Justice, became a certified minister in 2018, holds many certifications in the field of mental health and she recently received her honorary doctorate in Christian leadership from The School Of The Great Commission Bible College. Dr. Nancy is finishing her Masters in theology, her PhD in Christian Psychology and is currently preparing to become a youth pastor as she continues to be obedient and answer God’s prophetic call on her life. 

Dr. Nancy has a podcast called My Hummingbird Sings, she focuses on interviewing people who share hope and testimonies of survival and spiritual testimonies. She also has a show called “Breaking The Bondage, Conversations that heal” on UNITY Radio 97.7 FM radio show with her co host Monieke McNeil. 

She enjoys coaching women through recovery after divorce abuse, trauma, single motherhood, addiction, loss, healing, forgiveness and spiritual reconnection. She’s transparent about her own recovery journey. She is very open and intune with the Holy Spirit and loves sharing and listening to spiritual testimonies. 

“Unlock Forgiveness with the master key of Love. Forgiveness is the Master Key of LOVE.” – Dr. Nancy V Brown

“Keep your eyes on God in spite of the demonic opposition, if God calls you to it He will get you through it. Trust God and trust His process although it is a painful journey know that God will get all Glory out of your story. Keep looking up and don’t give up!” – Dr. Nancy V Brown 

Last modified: September 1, 2022