Written by: Dreaming the Dream

K.I.S.H. Magazine Woman on the Move featuring Jaime Maturo!!!

Who is Jaime? Jaime Nicole Maturo Phillips is a Loving Wife, Dedicated Mother, Forgiving Daughter, Determined Sister, Above & Beyond Friend, and most importantly a Survivor! Jaime is a strong benevolent woman from the Windy City. Chi Town. Chicago, IL to be exact.

She has a passion for helping others. Especially those in need. She loves cooking feasts that can satisfy any hungry crowd! She works as a Medical Assisting Care Promoter by day where she interpersonally has a positive impact on all of her Patients and can also locate a vein for a successful blood draw like no other! She is called the “Life Saver” at the Medical Center, she’s employed at. Jaime is also the Owner of Maturo Catering LLC @The JaimeBowl. Her passion for cooking with love comes from growing up with food insecurities which lead her to feed the hungry.

Jaime has turned every negative in her path into a positive.


Jaime the great overcomer is the epitome of what turning lemons into lemonade looks like. The cause and effect of her previous struggles created a hardworking woman that dedicated her life to beating the odds that were stacked against her, which in return helped create a better lifestyle for children.

Jaime Enjoys family outings, Catering Events and boating with her loved ones.

At 39 years old she will be publishing her first book of many to come!!

Her first sequel is about the adventures and tumultuous life of growing up in an underserved community and the complexity of scandals and the hood luxuries that took place.

Through it all Jaime discovered ways to thrive victoriously despite adversity, where many may have given up. Her tenacity and survival ultimately warranted healing.

Jaime found healing and peace in journaling. This new found peace lead her to overcome her past, and write a book based on intimate fragments from her life. She began sharing her most vulnerable memories, experiences and triumphs to the world as a renowned author!

Last modified: May 19, 2023