Written by: Dreaming the Dream

Kesha & Zoey Robinson

Kesha & Zoey Robinson are a mother-daughter dynamic duo. Kesha is a best-selling author, business owner, mentor, and creative entrepreneur. She is the owner of Spic & Span Cleaning Company and Executive Producer for her daughter’s YouTube & television platform Zoey TV. Kesha is extremely passionate about helping others discover their God-given purpose. She is a natural encourager and loves to see people win! Zoey Robinson is a five-year-old best-selling author, entertainer, and kid entrepreneur. She currently hosts her own television show, coupled with her YouTube channel, Zoey TV. Zoey loves to inspire other children to become authors and entrepreneurs as well. She does vendor events and school visits regularly and is having lots of fun with her endeavors. In her first book, “Zoey’s Book of Manners”, Zoey addresses bullying, honesty, kindness and more. She has been featured nationally & internationally in magazines as well as on radio shows. Zoey’s mission is to provide positive and educational entertainment for children; all while spreading joy and creativity throughout the world!

Last modified: August 17, 2020