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Knowing Who You Are is a Game-Changer: Are You Ready to Embrace the Real You?

Toccara Nicole here, AKA The Identity Architect and I am here to serve you today. As an author, speaker, publisher, creator, and most of all woman; I love helping people build businesses, brands, books, and help guide individuals on how to build a brand new you, by embracing your true self. 


If you are struggling to be real with answering these questions below, know you are in the right place and allow for me to provide some light to your life! Let’s go! 


Are you struggling with being real with who you are? 


Do you feel you are lacking confidence and know this is slowing you down?


Are you stuck in a position or within the workplace as you find yourself searching for something new?


Do you wrestle with limiting beliefs?


Are you ready to gain clarity on how to reconnect with your purpose?


Knowing who you are is a game changer! This is more than a quote I created…I freely share this message everywhere I go as many don’t have no clue on how dope they are. I used to be one of these people. 


We all have a story, and those stories help shape the trajectory of our lives. And just imagine the power that takes place when we position ourselves to share our stories!  


Let me take you on a journey:

2012 was the year my identity was made known, yet I didn’t realize this until 2018. You will catch this later! 

January 2012: I was in a fatal car accident which led me down a dark path as I couldn’t believe something as such happened to me. My name was plastered in the news in the town lived in from TV to the newspaper. Silent chatter all around me as I hid in my shadows yet heard the noise and chatter all around me. Oh…did I mention I turned 30 only 13 days after this accident? A birthday to remember, for sure! The birthday that caused me to pivot into my purpose. 


February 2012: I found out my father had become incarcerated yet again, as this was the norm for me. My dad has been in jail most of my life. Yet…this time…he was facing murder charges. Right!? I already know what you are thinking! Well, let me share that I am the fourth out of twenty-two children. Now that’s the real mouth drop. Let’s talk about disappointed, deviated and in awe as I just saw in two months prior and gave him a hug for the first time and years…and now this!


April 2012: Now this was the element that shoved me into one of the toughest downward spirals. The waves of depressions made me dizzy as they took me down a path of confusion and lacking confidence. And the suicidal thoughts became my BFF. I lost my job, that I loved! I felt that my shine was taken away from me. It was then when I realized, I had no clue of who I was. I allowed for positions, titles along with academic achievements to define me. And I was left with either living a life of unfulfillment or making the decision to do some digging to get to the root. 


All of what I mentioned above, led me on the quest in 2018 to become The Identity Coach and now The Identity Architect. Let me simply remind you, it all works for your good. It may not seem nor feel like it…however make the firm decision to allow for time to be your best friend and no longer your worst enemy. 


What we tend to forget about when it comes to getting to the root of a thing, this is where all the nutrients or the answer we need can be found. See, success leaves clues and it was time to dig so I can rebuild a foundation that I would be happy and excited about! Living a life full of purpose every day is our birthright. The real question remains…what are you doing to live a life on purpose, for purpose EVERYDAY?




I am so excited to share these keys with all of you! 

Here are three keys to live, unlock, so you too can rediscover your purpose; These are a few of the keys that I use and continue to use to unlock the treasure of within my vault


Key One: Own Your Thoughts


Owning your thoughts is a command. A command that requires you to take action. Action takes faith. Faith produces a new wave within your life to shift your perspective to see things in a new way. Slight allows for you to train your brain to think differently regarding who you are! You must own your position to produce positive thoughts to create fruitful actions steps to unlock what’s always been right there inside of you! In order to move in a new way, you must create a new system. 


Remember…when you own your thoughts, you can control your actions concerning, maintaining, and building your mindset. 


Key Two: The Power of Embracing Your Roots


There is nothing like embracing and understanding your identity for yourself. If you don’t know much about your family and roots, please do the work to gain the answers you need to unlock what’s already inside of you. Your identity lies in your roots. Your roots are the nurturance you need to all you have been created to be. Your roots leave clues. Your roots carry generations worth of information you need to be aware of in order to be your best self. 


Key Three: Work It…You Are Required to Dig


Digging requires work. Digging isn’t easy, yet it is necessary. Digging requires you to be real with yourself. Digging requires for you to know there are some things you are going to find out about yourself that you just aren’t going to like. And…guess what? That is awesome, actually! In order for you to grow, you have to know where and how to say, “NO,” to yourself, first and and then to others. 


By the way…these keys can be found in my book, “Identity Blueprint: Keys to Unlocking Your True Self,” which can be found by heading to Amazon or my website, www.toccaranicole.com


There is power and a stance when you know who you are. Make a vow to yourself to do the work to live, unlock and rediscover your purpose so you can be on fire for all you have been created to accomplish while on this planet. Allow your life to leave a legacy by gifting people with your vow to become all you have been created to be! 

Last modified: October 1, 2021