Written by: Women in Ministry

Lady Tisha Wells

Lady Tisha Wells is a wife and a mother to three daughters (Laela, Leslie, and Loxley). She’s also a boutique owner called “Modern Day 31 boutique”, all while wearing such hats, a presentable preschool teacher, praise dancer, a lover of politics, and she adores femininity. She has had dance engagements within Florida, and dances at apostolic ministries, pastoral engagements and women’s events. Now she’s the dance director at her and her husband’s ministry, called The Joel 2 Generation Global Hub, located in Jacksonville Florida. She began liturgical dancing at 21 years old, but before she started prophetic dance, she began her dance career as a cheerleader back in middle school.

Other than dancing, Tisha loves writing, reading, Christian poetry, going to the gym, fashion, blogging, going to the gym, book stores, nature, and so much more. On her social media platforms, she utilizes her gifts to inform, transform and encourage femininity, marriage, motherhood, etiquette and falling more in love with Jesus.

Tisha has a very powerful testimony about how God delivered her from a seven-year abusive relationship that almost cost her everything. He also raised her up out of poverty and blessed her with an amazing, devoted and supportive husband, Prophet Jordan Wells, and blessed her with her very own ministry to continue to save lives, called “The Modern Day 31.” Through The Modern Day 31, Tisha encourages and motivates women to maintain relationships and express their femininity, heal from childhood trauma, abuse, and be a support system for single mothers, and caters to the homeless.


Last modified: May 2, 2024