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Let Go and Let God

By Kimberly McGowan
May 4th, 2020

Fear of Covid-19

WE, the world is witnessing another pandemic, this time, it shut down the world as we know it.  How do we handle not being able to go to work, and not send our children to school, or worse, not being there with loved ones during sickness and death?  The way we view the world is based on our perception.  The old saying goes, either we see the cup as half full or half empty.  The same applies with this virus, yes, it is deadly, yes, it has changed how we work, communicate and even how we enjoy our leisure time.  Excepting and following the new guidelines is a lot to handle.  

Being disciplined to self-quarantine and follow the rules is one thing; having compassion for our fellow man is another.   Some of us will be more affected by this virus than others, and because it may not hit you as hard it does not negate the fact people are dying and people are putting their lives at risk to save the ones that are most affected.   This pandemic can and has caused anxiety, panic, and stress, even for those with a strong faith base have felt one or all these emotions. 

Here is a positive perception.  During this time of self-quarantine this pandemic has taken us back to a simpler time in life, little to no traffic, reducing air pollution.  Gas prices have dropped under 2.00 a gallon in some places under 1.00 a gallon.  Families are spending quality time together, making dinners, making videos, watching movies, reconnecting, laughing and loving.  The busy rush schedules have been replaced with peace and relaxation.  People are making better choices regarding their hygiene and health.  Watching what they eat and making sure their hands are clean.  Sounds so simple, why weren’t we doing these simple things before?  The hero’s and people we are up to are those working in meat plants, grocery stores, and those in the medical field.  Money is not making the world a better place, it is not making us happy at this moment, it is our families. 

Learn to accept that life is what it is, and even if you don’t have the money you want or the life path you desire, there is nothing else to do except walk forward and embrace it.

Learn to build clear barriers around yourself that keep out negativity and tell others that they must respect your space. At least 6 ft distance.  Do not take on more than you can handle.

Learn to live a full and contented life. Do not just exist—stride forth and take in everything that you can. Your time is precious.

Learn to have true friends, not just a lot of friends. Surround yourself with love and support.

Learn to enjoy your life as it is, not what you think it should be.

Learn to forgive those who have wronged you—do not hold on to your anger and sorrow. That only clouds your mind and brings you down.

Learn to love your body. Don’t pollute it, and don’t degrade it. Your body is a machine that works wonders. Appreciate it.

Learn to create buffer zones that will support you when you need them most—keep money in your savings account and maintain your health.

Learn to enjoy your job, even if it is not your true passion. Do not exhaust yourself for a paycheck. Nobody looks back on their life and wishes they worked more.

Learn to put yourself first.

Learn to keep your surrounding environment clean and orderly so that your mind is clear and orderly.

Learn to let go of the things and people who hurt you. They are gone now.

Learn to question and request things of people.

Learn the ability to rid yourself of those you tolerate.

Learn to speak the truth, to rid yourself of want, and to expect nothing in return. Go for what you want. Make it happen.

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Last modified: June 11, 2020