Letter From The Editor


Dr. Kishma A. George

Welcome, current and new readers of K.I.S.H. Magazine to New Year 2021, in renewed faith and hope! K.I.S.H. Magazine is the magazine that gives needed intellectual food for your mental, emotional, and social growth. We are thrilled that you have chosen us. We have made every effort to prepare the most informative and empowering stories and features. K.I.S.H. Magazine has hand-picked authors and articles specifically with you in mind. We have chosen writers that will inspire you to live out your dreams and be a better soldier for God. This February Issue will feature ‶Top 10 National Influencers on the Move.″ We also have Life After Foster Care, Empowerment, and Author’s Spotlight, just to name a few. No matter your need or interest, this issue of K.I.S.H. Magazine nonetheless has something for everyone! Do enjoy your reading!
     Thank God for crossing us over into 2021!We have much to be thankful, for God has been good and never left nor forsaken us. The future is uncertain, but God is the same today as He was yesterday! It is not a coincidence that you survived  2020! God is giving you the opportunity to serve Him. He has a job for each one of you who is reading. Your work on earth is not done. For 2021, you need to begin or continue to live on purpose. Those of you who feel that you are given another chance, take it and get to work. Be not weary of well doing! May God help each one of you in 2021, to start fresh, to be all you can be in Him!
       K.I.S.H. Home, Inc. Transitional home opened its doors [2015] and continues to reach out to women who seek a new and empowered life after foster care. Over an 18-month period these young women attend workshops, enroll in school, and/or find sustainable employment to aid them on their journey to greatness. Because of our committed readers, you made this transitional home possible. Thank you for your support. To find out how you can further support K.I.S.H. Home, Inc. efforts, visit us at www.kishhomeinc.org
       As always, thank you again for supporting K.I.S.H. Magazine, a project birthed out to raise money to purchase a home which will be a 24-hour supervised residential home to serve the young women ages 18-23 years old that are presently in, or aged out of the foster care system in Delaware, as they become independent.  K.I.S.H. Home, Inc. supplies tools and resources that help residents successfully transitions from foster care to the real world. We want to help these young women to become world changers in making it a better place for themselves and everyone to live in.  
     REMEMBER, K.I.S.H. Magazine appreciates your readership and support. We look forward to seeing you for our Spring 2021 Issue. You do not want to miss it! We know there are many magazines to be a part of, and we are grateful you chose K.I.S.H. Magazine. Be EMPOWERED and remember that there is GREATNESS inside of YOU!
       K.I.S.H. Magazine is looking for feedback! Tell us about your K.I.S.H. Magazine experience. Have past issues gotten you through tough times? Is there a topic you would like to see our editors cover? Mail your feedback to kishmagazine7@gmail.com.

Last modified: February 8, 2021

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