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Love & Happiness by Albrean Wordsworth

We all deserve love that make us unexplainably happy, so why settle for anything less than that? I believe the first step in experiencing Love and Happiness is believing you actually deserve It and knowing that it is all in your control. You deserve to be happy in relationships with your parents, your significant other, and your friends.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to love things or people that are not good for us. We often relate Love to sacrifice and obligation more than we do to happiness; when in all actuality, love can and should be defined by happiness. Happiness is an emotional feeling. We as humans control our own happiness, whether we know it or not. Our choices in life is what controls our happiness. Who we choose to befriend, what we choose to tolerate from people, and how we respond to things that are meant to destroy our peace. All of the decisions we make contribute to our happiness. For me, being happy and loving those who love me is priority.  Life is too precious to waste time loving people who don’t contribute to your happiness. In other words, Love those who love you, focus on positivity and you will find Love & happiness. Nobody’s perfect, but when you find people who connect, understand you, and want to see you happy—those are the type of people you have to keep around. Experiencing Love and Happiness everyday will change your outlook on life, you will be more satisfied with life and at peace. Once you start to accept the love and happiness that you need, you will be able to share your happiness with other people, you will begin to appreciate life more often and most importantly you will begin to appreciate the simple things in life. Want to experience Love and Happiness? Here’s how:


    1. Be Real with yourself– Understand what you like, what you deserve, and things you don’t like or deserve. “What would really make you happy?”
    2. Live your life with integrity– Be honest and truthful, live up to your moral standards
    3. Appreciate People – Appreciate people for who they are, the good and bad. Enjoy precious relationships and value them
    4. Don’t be afraid of change– Accept Change, as you will experience great things that you have never experience before
    5. Do work that satisfy you– Do things that’s excite you, don’t indulge in things that do not contribute to your happiness.
    6. Spread Love– Karma is real, be polite and make others happy with kind gestures and words.
    7. Be Grateful– Appreciate and value what you have, enjoy the little things in life. Stop comparing yourself to other people
    8. Be optimistic– Life is what you make it, make it wonderful and expect great outcomes. Look forward to great things.
    9. Block out negativity– Cleanse your mind of all negative thoughts. “Today will be a good day” not “I wonder what today has in store”
    10.  Develop healthy Habits– Eat good and live good.
    11. Look outside yourself– Think of others and how your actions will affect others
    12. Watch the company you keep– Stay away from people who bring out the worst in you or disturb your peace 
    13.  Follow your dreams– Live life to the fullest. Put your dreams first
    14. Love those who Love you– Notice Love and return it. 



Last modified: August 11, 2020