Written by: Dreaming the Dream

Nation Changer on the Move SPOTLIGHT featuring Nora Addison!

Nora Addison has a passion for helping others and spreading the good news about JESUS Christ and plans on using her passion, graphic designing, to further the kingdom of GOD and spread the good news of JESUS CHRIST. However, she hasn’t always been like this; During the COVID lockdown, the fear of death persuaded her to start seeking GOD. So, Nora began to read the Bible. Unfortunately, as time passed, she fell into religion and based her salvation on her works. Believing if she just read her Bible in the morning, she had a guaranteed spot in heaven. However, she desired and prayed to know GOD sincerely.

In September 2021, I found myself overtaken by anxiety and depression; I felt like I was without hope and thought I would never escape. But little did I know the very trials that I had been facing were an answer to my prayer: to come to know GOD. In my search for hope, I cried out to GOD in desperation, and He answered through an app called Clubhouse; I just happened to click on this one clubhouse room one night called “Speak Life,” and a Prophet of GOD spoke into my life, “If you keep your mind on GOD, He’ll keep you in perfect peace. Although I didn’t know what that meant then, I turned on the audio Bible, tuned out the voices of fear, doubt, and anxiety, and kept my eyes on JESUS, continuously asking for help! If I was going to talk to some people, IT HAD TO BE ABOUT JESUS.

From then on, I received the guidance I needed by going to the room Speak life and got set on fire for GOD! I didn’t watch any worldly shows but started watching sermons, animated bible comics, and whatever else I could get my hands on that was JESUS related! I opened the Bible, receiving every single word! GOD gave me great faith! And ever since then, He’s been allowing me to keep going, and changing my desires! And that’s why I desire to help those who feel without hope, like there’s no way out. I know how it feels to have no one else there to help or even understand what it is that you’re going through, or no one who cares enough to listen BUT I also know what it feels to have chains broken off of your mind, and for hope to be restored! So now my job is to spread the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Amen!

You can find both my business and personal account on Instagram. @ncreatess is where I post my graphic design work such as, logos, business cards, posters, ect. and my personal account is @lets_b.woke. Feel free to DM on my business about if you ever have any question or want any work done.

Last modified: October 26, 2022