Written by: Author Spotlight

New Book Alart

We are SUPER EXCITED to introduce and present our Upcoming Book Project ” When You Have a Dream “ A 30 DAY Women’s Devotional “.  Whne You Have A Dream is a POWERFUL 30 Day Inspirational Devotional for Women that will speak life and faith back into every dreamer. You will learn not to give up and how to wait on God’s timing to fulfill your dreams!

 Co- Authors; Kishma George, Novita C. George, Dr. Deborah Allen,Tiffany McCullough, Shamika Minisee, Apostle Fedora Elie Ndovie, Minister Claudine Noel, Apostle Tyneise Seaborough, Prophetess Setsu McClendon and Prophetess Shaunte Jones empowers you to tap into unlimited possibilities and get back to a place of functioning at the highest domain on earth while living out ALL of your God-Inspired Dreams!  Beautiful LADIES, it’s TIME to AWAKEN the DREAMER in YOU!!

A Special THANK YOU to CEO Ayanna Lynnay of ChosenButterfly Publishing; for making this book project a Reality & ALWAYS supporting the Vision!!! *Hugs*

For more information about this book project visit us at K.A.G. Enterprises at kishmageorge.com. 

Last modified: November 21, 2022