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Novita C. George, Woman on the Move!!!

Novita C. George, originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, was raised in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. As a proud mother of an adult daughter and son, and a loving grandmother to six precious grandchildren, family holds a special place in her heart. After dedicating 32 years to a fulfilling career as an elementary school teacher with the Department of Education in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Novita is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

Novita’s educational journey includes a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, both earned at the St. Thomas campus of the College of the Virgin Islands (CVI), now known as the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). Armed with these degrees, she embarked on her teaching career in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she made a positive impact on young minds. From teaching first grade at Thomas Jefferson Elementary to substituting fourth grade at James Madison Elementary, and from instructing second and third graders at J. Antonio Jarvis Elementary to guiding fourth graders at Yvonne E. Milliner-Bowsky Elementary School, Novita’s passion for education shone through. Additionally, she served as a Pre GED teacher for Adult and Continuing Education at the J. Antonio Jarvis Elementary School campus, further extending her dedication to lifelong learning.

Beyond her professional life, Novita actively engaged in her community. She served as the secretary for her 1972 alumni class at Charlotte Amalie High School (CAHS) and held a role in the Young People group at Calvary Baptist Church. Among the various organizations she contributed to, the Salvation Army held a special place in her heart. Volunteering her time and talents, Novita cherished her role in greeting, serving, and comforting guests during the Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon and Christmas Luncheon.

Drawing upon her extensive background in education and her firsthand experience caring for and teaching individuals of all ages, Novita brings invaluable expertise to the Board of St. Thomas Calvary Christian Academy, where she serves as a valuable member. Additionally, she holds the position of vice president on the Board of K.I.S.H. Home, Inc., where she goes above and beyond to use her wealth of experience to support and uplift young single female residents with limited or no children.

As a co-author of Dreamer on the Rise, an Amazon Best Seller Book in three categories, Novita showcases her storytelling abilities alongside 14 other authors, sharing intimate and detailed experiences. The book features a foreword by the renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, and is endorsed by Farrah Gray, an international bestselling author and business mogul. Furthermore, Novita co-authored When You Have a Dream-30 Day Devotional, another Amazon Best Seller Book. Notably, she serves as an editor for K.I.S.H. Magazine, a publication that is rapidly gaining recognition as a global asset.

In her leisure time, Novita finds joy in spending quality moments with her family. She indulges in reading mysteries, watching detective shows on TV, sewing, tending to her garden, solving various puzzles, and immersing herself in the captivating world of Nollywood African Movies.

Last modified: December 29, 2023