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New Series Premieres Friday, April 19 at 8/7c 

“The Never Ever Mets” is an all-new relationship series that takes online dating into the real world. Hosted by Ta’Rhonda Jonesthe series features seven couples who have been virtually dating for some time and believe they may have found lasting love – only they have never met each other in person! Now, they’remeeting face-to-face for the very first time and sharing a house together for three weeks to see if their internet love can survive off the screen and in real life. Dating in person quickly proves to be the biggest challenge yet, and some quickly find the in-person relationship is not what they anticipated. To test the strength of their love connections, the group participates in a series of fun and flirty relationship activities, couples therapy and for some, a trip to the “boom boom room.” But visits from discerning loved ones, meddling opinions and tension from others in the house challenge their bonds even further. At the end of their stay, some will go home together…and some will be signing off for good. 

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THE NEVER EVER METS: The couples prepare to take part in a special Karma Sutra bonding exercise.

“Offline and Off the Rails” – Series Premieres Friday, April 19 at 8/7c    

Josh and Shay are eager to connect after 12 long years of texting, Facetiming and everything in between. When the two finally meet, there is nothing that can hold them back. After speaking online for a month, Sandia thinks she may have found her Haitian Prince Charming, Chris. But when Chris starts sharing his views on women and faithfulness, Sandia worries about their future together. After five years, Dymond and Aaron H. finally share a romantic meal in person. But Dymond has many, many, questions for him…including his proposal to another woman after they decided to beexclusive. 

“It’s Complicated, IRL” – Premieres Friday, April 26 at 8/7c    

Host Ta’Rhonda heats up the group with a Kama Sutra exercise. Brandan and Sienna seem to behitting it off, but after their Kama Sutra exercise puts them on opposite ends, they may be headed for some rough waters ahead. Meanwhile, Sandia decides to confront Chris on his obnoxious behavior their first night in the house.

THE NEVER EVER METS: The couples prepare to take part in a special Karma Sutra bonding exercise.


OWN’s hit series “Ready to Love” features 20 eligible singles exploring romantic connections in Fort Worth, Texas, as the series takes place in the historic city for the very first time. Hosted by comedian and actor, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, the dating series explores the real-life romantic rollercoasters of successful and striking Black men and women in their 30s and 40s as they search for authentic relationships. Each week, the series follows along as couples start budding romances with the hopes of turning those into lasting loves, all while navigating a variety of twists and challenges thrown out from Tommy along the way.     

“Fort Worth Reunion: Part 1” – Premieres Friday, April 5 at 8/7c    

The Fort Worth cast reunites for a special that is hotter than the Texas sun. Patrice and Alonzo’s relationship skates into bumpy territory, a single missing since the mixer finally shows, and a seemingly harmless game erupts into an all-out brouhaha. 

 “Fort Worth Reunion: Part 2” – Premieres Friday, April 12 at 8/7c    

In the thrilling conclusion to the Fort Worth reunion, Vanessa and Chaz argue the meaning behind his parting gift, and some of the cast’s kinks are explored. Plus, we catch up with final couple, and new love connections are revealed. 


OWN’s unscripted series “Love & Marriage: D.C.” follows African-American couples Jamie and Erana Tyler, Ashley Silva and on-air personality DJ Quicksilva, and Joi Carter and Clifton Pettie, who first became smitten on OWN’s “Ready to Love” in 2021. The group of friends navigate their relationships and tight-knit community while living the powerful D.C. lifestyle.     

“2’s Company, 3’s a Throuple” – Premieres Saturday, April 6 @ 8/7c   

At Joi’s birthday party the ladies grill Carmen about being in a “throuple”. Yusha and Winter introduce their kids. Later, Ashley confides in Winter that she’s frustrated with Quick. At Erana’s wig pop up, Joi confronts the ladies about ambushing Carmen. 

“Defensive Lie Backer” – Premieres Saturday, April 13 @ 8/7c   

Erana throws a surprise retirement party for Jamie with special guest Al B Sure. Joi and Ashley’s relationship blows up again when she defends Carmen and Clifton. When Joi isn’t around, Carmen tells the ladies she’s friends with Clifton, but not Joi. 

“Reunion: Part 1” – Premieres Saturday, April 13 @ 9/8c   

Host Carlos King welcomes the cast of Love and Marriage: D.C. to the reunion stage to get to the bottom of failed friendships and romantic relationships. Tensions flare immediately, putting Ashley and Erana at odds as well as Clifton and Quick. 

“Reunion: Part 2” – Premieres Saturday, April 20 @ 8/7c 

After an explosive ending the cast of Love and Marriage: D.C. returns for part two of the reunion special. While everyone chimes in about the Christmas Eve Eve party and who was in the wrong, Yusha joins the stage and gets a cold reception from Winter. 

“Reunion: Part 3” – Premieres Saturday, April 27 @ 8/7c    

In the final part of the reunion, Carlos King continues to get to the bottom of the couples’ issues by bringing out someone that everyone seems to have a problem with: special guest Carmen. Later, Joi reveals her pain caused by both Carmen and Clifton.  

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