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P.O.W.E.R.:  an acronym created from a word that defines the strength of both the spoken and written word. My name is Yolanda R. Toney, and I have recently become the chief executive officer and founder of Writeously Correct LLC where I offer services to clients who believe in the P.O.W.E.R. of both the spoken and written word alike. Therefore, I provide proofreading, orating, writing, editing, and reviewing services to enhance the spoken and/or written word of my clients. Both my business and I believe in breaking the monotony of stereotypes.

Writeously Correct LLC emanated from my spirit as a writer, and I wholeheartedly believe that my fingertips have been healing broken souls through my soothing words of comfort for several years. Because writing has always been second nature to me, I have discovered that the written word is my spiritual gift that breaks the monotony of societal standards that hinder people from engaging in unconventional communication. As a seasoned college English instructor, I have witnessed beautiful cathartic moments from my students as they have poured/pour out the pure inklings of their hearts to not only satisfy the requirements of the English course but to establish a level of trust between a student and an instructor. Therefore, I desire to create a relationship with each of my clients to ensure a professional environment that will uphold the integrity of both my business and my character. I truly believe in the power of every writing technique, so I am equipped and ready to journey my clients through the stages of the writing process. My skills are writeously correct!

I am the daughter of Evelyn R. Drake and the late Marvin B. Jones. I am also the stepdaughter of the late Horace Drake. Meanwhile, I uphold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications with a minor in Political Science and a Master of Education degree in Language Arts Secondary Education from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. In addition, I have an Educational Specialist degree in Adult Education from Walden University, and I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree in Adult Education from Walden University as well. Hitherto, I have been an English instructor for over ten years and have taught/am teaching at several higher education institutions. Inasmuch, I am the author of the following publications:  I P.L.E.A.D. the Fifth, ThRiftinglY Correct, I Am in InstagrAM, Birds of Different Feathers Learning Grammar Together, and I O.W.E. It to Myself:  Revealing My Identity Through Odes, Writings, and Essays. My desire is to continually be obedient to the plans that God has for me and to selflessly be the light that He has created within me to shine. 

Last modified: June 10, 2022