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Pastor Dreams Formula for new MEGA HAIR Growth Oil

Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland was a single mom making $498 biweekly when she quit her day job to began building wealth in 1999. As a wealth coach, she takes the panic out of selling and helps moms 6 figure what they’re passionate about so they can feed their families, upgrade their lifestyles, and leave a legacy. She assists clients with building highly engaged audiences that BUY via her live trainings in The Millionaire Lab.
Mega Hair, a total departure from her coaching empire, was created out of necessity. After being natural for years, Linda noticed that her hair stopped growing. “I was tired of trying different products,” she explains. “I wanted a product that could be a staple in my hair regimen.”
For Linda, her need is like most women, she wanted longer, healthier hair. “The hair growth ingredients came to me in a dream and I perfected it for about six months,” says Linda. “I noticed that it worked for me and I started testing it on different women. Once I saw them experiencing the same results, I knew it was time to launch.”
Mega Hair introduces the 7-Oil Premium Hair Serum. Our formula has a lavender base and a patent-pending proprietary blend of 100% naturally extracted oils for massive hair growth. Our Serum is lightweight, absorbs quickly, doesn’t create build up and offers FAST LASTING RESULTS. Simply apply a minimum of 8-10 drops directly to the scalp or between braids and massage gently. Our serum is perfect for bald patches, thin edges, and overall hair growth. Our EXTRA STRENGTH hair serum has TWO BONUS OILS and each bottle is 4 ounces and is the easiest way to get thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair.
To learn more about MegaHair log onto: www.MegaHairCo.com ; Instagram @ShopMegaHair
Last modified: October 28, 2020