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Pastor Kimberly Pothier
Preachers of Atlanta’s Shining Star!
By Trina Bowers

It was such a pleasure spending time talking to Real Talk Kim as we all know and love her. She is taking it to the world now on “Preachers of Atlanta” and stepping into the latter glory that’s on her life. She is real, she is powerful, and she is full of God’s love and a gift to the body of Christ.
Trina Bowers (TB): Hello Pastor Kim Pothier! How are you?

Pastor Kim (PK): I am doing so wonderful and good to be here.

TB: Well, we are honored and happy to be talking to you today for K.I.S.H. Magazine. You know I have been following you for years. I love everything that you do and represent and everything you are about. I have a few questions for you and I know our readers are going to love you and want to know you even more. They will love you as much as we do here.

PK: Aww thank you!

TB: How are you able to remain so approachable and so transparent in your ministry? A lot of times, people want their privacy but you remain so approachable in your presence. How do you keep remaining so approachable?

PK: Number one, I have a lot of incredible people that pray over my husband and me. My husband has my heart as well. I really love people. I think that when you really love people that it makes it easy. My husband and I are not in this for the income, we are in this for the outcome. I realize God could have used anybody to be doing them. I would not be doing what I am doing if my followers and my supporters did not show up at my meetings, if they didn’t support me like they do. So that just blesses me. It keeps me very humble. It keeps me very level. It keeps me very approachable. Now it is getting at a place where they usher me in and usher me out but I will always be that person that you will be able to come up and talk too. I am just honored that I am able to get to do this.

TB: I can say that I know it is so true. I love that about you. When we met you, you just inspired me because you are so approachable and real with everyone you meet. It is a unique quality. It is beautiful to see. I want you to tell us about something that is exciting and is about to happen on February 03! The world awaits you coming out. Tell us about “Oxygen’s Preachers of Atlanta.”

PK: It airs February 03, 10pm EST. Trina, when I first got approached to do this show I was reserved in my spirit but I heard God so clearly tell me, “I trust you with this. I trust you!” And if God had already given me a million people that are following me every day, I am just this little girl in Fayetteville, GA, imagine what God can do with a big old platform like this. How many more people are going to come to know Jesus! I am so proud of this show. I love the show and I love the pastors on the show. We genuinely love each other. It’s not just us doing the show together. We genuinely have each other’s back. We love each other. I allowed my husband and family to watch the first three episodes and you are going to weep. You will weep! You will be inspired. It is like that and so I am excited and I am excited to be a part of it. I am excited to see what God is going to do with the world. It is definitely a game changer! It is definitely a show, which will change people’s lives.

TB: Your ministry started out in a different way to me because I am looking from the outside. Now how do you use Social Media? I follow you on everything and my favorite is Instagram. I love your Instagram and I want you to tell us the effect that Social Media has had on your ministry? How God gave you strategic insight that the world is waiting on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Periscope?

PK: Well you know I was still at my mom’s and dad’s house recovering from divorce. Sitting in a little 10×10 bedroom, I warned the devil that he was going to wish to God that he had messed with someone else. He was going to wish to God that he had messed with someone else’s family because I am coming out of this. I am going to love so many people back to life that he will be wishing to God that he had taken me out a long time ago! I remember I was just sitting there being very lonely going through divorce and sitting in this old room. You don’t have any friends and it seems that everything was ripped from under you. So I had Social Media. Trina, it seems like, God has orchestrated my steps because Real Talk Kim came from Twitter giving it to me. They said here is an idea of a name. They couldn’t use my name and gave me an idea for my name. I am very direct but caring. I am very consistent. And what you see is what you get. People know that I am real and people know that I am transparent. People know I tell my story. I believe because of that people are drawn to me. They are drawn to seeing somebody who has gone to hell and came back on fire! They are drawn to someone who can be direct and they want the truth. Social Media has changed my life! I give them the truth in love. Every day on Instagram, I am getting like a thousand followers a day. That’s crazy! It is really awesome when God really trust you Trina and you pass the test. You have to keep your heart humble and you know who put you on. God trusts you and He opens more doors and more doors. That is what I am, I am His mouthpiece. I give people permission to be broke, to have meltdowns, and to get over it! It’s helping them to find a way to get over it!

TB: Wow, I love it! There is so much I want to ask you right now. You know, you talk about relationships a lot. You talk to single women a lot. In addition, you talk about marriage. How has marriage transformed your life? I have a great respect for you. I ask this question because people need to know about positive Godly covenants that God puts together. Additionally, I have to ask because I want people to read this. How that meeting and marrying Pastor Mark Pothier transformed and integrated your life to a way that you are together and loving each other in ministry and supporting each other? Tell us about that.

PK: Man, I am going to tell you something. it’s almost like when I married my husband four years ago – it was like that God immediately said, “Okay Now that you got the man that I needed you to have he is going to cover you. He is going to protect you. He is not going to be stingy with you and he is going to share you with the world.” I was married almost seventeen years in my previous marriage. I never in my life knew that love could be this awesome! That a man could love me into submission. That a man could love me right. That a man could be my escape and not my duty. He is my president of my fan club. This man tells me forty times a day, “Have I told you baby today how much I love you?” And I’m like “Yes, forty-four times!” (Laughs) He gives me permission to be me. He gives me permission to wear too-toos and combat boots with pink in hair. He loves me so much that I feel so celebrated by him that it allows me to be me. It allows me to be myself and when you are yourself, you are more anointed and more used of God. I don’t care what the rest of the world says as long as ‘‘my boo” got me and he does. It allows me to love and touch people all over the world because my husband does such a great job covering me. I am thankful that I put a ‘’Do Not Disturb’’ on my heart for seven years and let God heal me. I had to be healed so God could attract us together!

TB: I honor you people. Before ending our conversation, please tell us what you have coming in this leap year of 2016 and how can we get your new book, Beautifully Broken?

PK: Well you can find out anything you want to about me by going to my website www.realtalkkim.com and I also have a free App that you can download that is called Real Talk Kim. I am on every Social Media Network as Real Talk Kim. This year man- What?! (Excitement) Trina, when I look back at twelve months ago I wrote a book that got immediately on the best seller. I published it myself and sold a thousand book the very first day. I couldn’t imagine that if God said He would do exceedingly and abundantly like my latter is gonna be greater! What?! (Excitement) We just started pastoring a church that is growing so fast that we have already gone to two services. We pastor the greatest church ever- Church of the Harvest Fayette. I have a great conference that I am putting on this year on June 24-25, 2016 and it’s going to be called the Recovery Room. The room you are in right before you are catapulted into your destiny and that will be our conference this year. I am booked every single weekend somewhere in the world. I am loving people back to life. I love my life and I am thankful that God trusts and He chose me. I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen! Moreover, our show “Preachers of Atlanta” comes out February 03, 2016 and I am expecting to change a lot of lives and bring a lot of people into our world. Just pumped! God is writing the song and I am just dancing along!

TB: I love it and thank you for taking the time to talk to us at K.I.S.H. Magazine. We are excited for you and your future.

PK: I love you! Thank you for supporting and being so loyal!

TB: We are on tiptoe anticipation to see what God is going to do! We want you to have a great night and we will see you soon!!

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