Written by: Billboard Spotlight

Positioned to Birth/Wind of Revival by Ronisha Williams

Birthing is one of the most powerful and vulnerable, but when done unhindered you move in forcible measures with God. Birthing is something you do not something that’s done. In this faze of life position is everything, posture is everything. Position is the spot where a person is placed, position is power my God, it’s preparation, it’s to be made ready. It’s imperative that you be where God has placed you in the kingdom to birth out destiny. When your in the right position it aligns you with your assignment, nothing is more powerful than a believer being in position with God. Just like a baby in the wrong positioned at the time of delivery can be fatal so is a believer not in their rightful position (fatal). We need to be in the right place at the right time in the right position to birth revival and God’s purpose in the earth. Hear the fresh sound of Heaven it’s sounding the alarm of revival for the nations. You must be in position to birth the next move of God. You! Yes you play a critical part in this sound, in this movement. You must understand the last few seasons of your life had you a in a stage called nesting. It’s after God has planted a spiritual seed in you knowing within that seed is the fullness of your destiny. You go through nesting, a process in which you endure great testing that will stretch out the God in you. It appears in the nesting season as if you had no fruit, no substance to who you are called to be. Every where you turned you are being tried. It was pruning you for this moment right here in your life. When God planted his seed of destiny in you, you weren’t even close to living it out. God knew he would take you through the nesting stage where you learn of him. You would come to know him, trust him, have faith in him and move at measures in him that restores the awe and Glory of his name. God planted something in you that’s so much bigger than you and where you are. Think about Joseph in the Bible Genesis 37 he was given a dream from God yet it caused his brothers to throw him in the pit and sell him into slavery. Joseph went through years of testing before destiny was birthed in him. A seed of destiny was planted in Joseph yet God sent him through a nesting process. A period where every test transformed him into the leader he needed to be in order to fulfill his assignment. Some of you reading this God planted seeds of revivalist in you. It’s very critical at this hour that you be in the right position to align yourself with the fresh sound of heaven, it’s sounding revival. God plants what he need in you and I to birth it out in the earth. God wants to bring revival to the nations. He needs you in position to carry the wind of revival. Homes, regions, leaders, families, states, ministries, the lost need revival. God need you in position to feel the wind of revival because it’s time to birth. Heaven is sounding the alarm, push you can’t stay stuck, you can’t afford to be out of  alignment/position with God. Listen to often to we move and fight the enemy of our day on the defensive side. In reality we need to be fighting him on the offensive side. Why is this important to birthing and wind of revival? Well! When you birth out destiny it’s an automatic offensive weapon to the enemy. That’s why he try so hard to stop you, block you, discourage you and silence you. Every time you birth out destiny every time you move in purpose you dethrone the works of darkness. You have to remember what God planted in you was to benefit the kingdom. It’s so that souls can be added daily so yes its critical for you to be in position and stay in position. Birth out destiny, birth out revival for the nations. It’s time, sense it, hear it, feel it and position yourself to birth with the fresh sound of heaven. I feel this so heavy in my spirit right now catch it. The creation is not in need of another Apostle, Prophet, Teacher etc. The creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God Romans 8:19. Birthing what God has planted in you brings about manifestation of sonship. Take your rightful place in the kingdom of God and birth out destiny, birth revival, be a manifested son.

Last modified: August 20, 2020