Written by: Dreaming the Dream

Power In The Word In The Midst Of Darkness -LaMecia Pree

Have you ever found yourself in a dark place in life, where it seemed impossible to see a way out? Sometimes, it feels more comfortable to remain in that darkness than to take any steps forward. For me, one of those dark moments was going through a divorce. Divorce is an incredibly challenging, lonely, and often embarrassing experience. It’s not something anyone aims for in a marriage. However, even in the depths of despair, I discovered a glimmer of hope. Deep down, I knew this wasn’t the end of my journey.

Growing up in the church, I’d always heard that God could accomplish anything without failure. So, I understood that I needed to fight through this adversity. I was a parent to three young children who couldn’t comprehend the turmoil surrounding them. Although the situation appeared bleak, I refused to accept that it was insurmountable. The very foundation of our lives had crumbled, but it marked the beginning of a transformative journey. A journey where we would conquer. It felt like I had been living in a state of numbness for an extended period as if that numbness was my safest refuge. My divorce had a profound impact on the ministry I was part of, ultimately leading to its closure. I lost not only my home and my car but also came dangerously close to losing my faith in the true and living God. However, I understood that I couldn’t allow this ordeal to defeat me because doing so would mean my children would be affected as well.

Initially, I couldn’t always hear God clearly, but I recalled a sermon that had left a lasting impression, particularly a part of a scripture: ‘I shall not die, but live.’ That’s all I could remember. It was from Psalm 118:17 (KJV): ‘I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.’ I didn’t know where it was found in the Bible, but I held steadfast faith in it.

During that phase of my life, that scripture became my slogan, the air I breathed: ‘I shall NOT die but live.’ I had nothing else to place my faith in but that scripture. At the time, I worked at a daycare. When the children playing during recess would fall and cry, I would reassure them, telling them they ‘shall not die but live.’ At night, as my children slept in their bedrooms, I would stand over them and declare that scripture over their lives. I did this for years, not just for my children but also for our finances, our well-being, and our mental state. It became the scripture I invoked in every situation we faced. Remarkably, we never went hungry, and our lights never went out. God provided for us in ways that left us in awe.

I learned through that time of our lives that it is important to have a village of people in your life that encourage you. Also, God is always with you therefore you will overcome. Indeed, there is immense power in the Word of God.

Last modified: October 24, 2023