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Ralph Graves JR by Kyaire Burt

I recently had the esteemed pleasure of interview Ralph Graves JR. Ralph D. Graves Jr. is a born again Christian and serves as Founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville NJ. Pastor Graves is an anointed, multi gifted Preacher of the Gospel, Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant. He is the Founder and Vice President of City’s Hope Community Development Corporation.

Pastor Graves is the son of Bishop Ralph D. Graves Sr. He was raised in a Christian home and educated in the Christian school system. He continued his Christian education through schools such as Philadelphia Biblical University, The Center for Urban Theological Studies, and Covington Theological Seminary. In 2005, he obeyed the voice of the Lord and planted Cornerstone Community Church. In 2011, he retired as a Sergeant of Police after 20 years of dedicated service to the State of NJ.

Pastor Graves has been married to First Lady Christine for over twenty-eight years. He and First Lady together have three children, two grandsons and one granddaughter. Ralph Graves is a Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and Author. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been certified by the John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Speaker and Leadership trainer.

Ralph brings storytelling, practicality, and an array of leadership tools to his audience. His keynotes are full of ready to use tips to catapult all in the room to their desired success. Ralph recognizes the greatness in everyone he meets and uses that greatness to inspire people to strive for that next level in life. He wants to see you at the top and will tell you exactly how to get there!

Interview questions for KISH Magazine.


Q.)   Would you share with us a brief introduction of yourself?

A.)    My name is Ralph Graves Jr, I’m the pastor of Cornerstone community church Millville NJ and author of the book unstoppable and I am just happy to be here.


Q.)   What inspired you to start writing?

A.)    I’ve always been an advite reader my love of books began as a child when my mom would read me bed times stories. I remember those books well,  She’d  read Dr.Seuse  Hop on pop, One fish two fish red fish blue fish, so I was in love with stories and I just read  a lot, so when you read so much you begin to write things down so my love for writing stemmed from reading.


Q.)What books or authors have most influenced your own writing?

A.) Authors like John Maxwell, Denis Kimbro, and Grant Cardone recently, I like a lot of the older authors as well such as well Mark twain, and they inspire my writing.

(Q.)What does success mean to you?


A.) Success to me means being able to live life on my own terms as much as possible, being happy and healthy in every area of my life not necessarily monetary although money does provided you more options but success for me is really living life on my own terms and really doing what I am designed to do as far as contributing to society.

Q.) Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers?

A.) Right now we just wrapped up Unstoppable. I do have another book that will be out by the time you guys read this article. My truth boost book will be out but after Unstoppable I’m working on another book called unmovable so make sure you guys look out for that in another year.

Q.) Can you let everyone know how they can connect with you? (Social media platforms)

A.) You can find me everywhere on Face book, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in @ Ralph Graves Jr. My email address is Ralph@RalphGravesJr.com , Website: www.RalphGravesJr.com.

Q.) What motivated you to become involved in ministries?

A.) I always knew that I was going to be involved in ministries even as a child, but I think what really motivated me was that I tried to be obedient of the calling of my Life and what keeps me going is the change that I see occurring in people where they really give their lives fully to Christ and I get a front row seat to watch people’s lives change for the better and watch people find their purpose.

Q.) Tell us a little about Unstoppable?

A.) Unstoppable is about 7 Universal laws that will help you pursue and achieve success and what those laws are are just laws like gravity, which if we learned to operate within the universal laws that God our creator put in place we will be successful like the law of forgiveness, if you learn how to forgive your life will change. It also talks about the Law of habit, if you learn how to develop good habit and the law of reciprocity


I’d like to thank Pastor Ralph Graves Jr for conducting this interview with K.I.S.H Magazine and on behalf of our editor and Chief Dr. Kishma George.

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Last modified: April 19, 2021