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Reining as the first Black Mrs. Universe, Juanita Brown Ingram, ESQ. is also an award-winning attorney, author, actress, filmmaker, and fashion philanthropist.

Hailing from Tennessee, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Tennessee State University, and her MBA and Juris Doctorate from the University of Memphis, Juanita has been an active attorney for two decades. She received the Attorney for Justice Award from the Supreme Court of Tennessee in 2018 and 2019, was awarded the Up-and-Coming Leadership in Law Award in 2007, and was named Top 40 under 40 in 2004.

Juanita uses her legal skills, philanthropic passion, business tenacity, and impeccable style as the Founder and current Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Dress for Success Greater London and Dress for Success Chattanooga, organizations that help disadvantaged women become economically independent by styling them and giving them interview attire, career training, and on-going support.

Additionally, Juanita inspires women through her published Christian inspirational books:

Winning with Christ – Finding the Victory in Every Experience

Beauty for Ashes: Transforming Testimonies for Every Woman

Fabulous, Faithful, & Free, available at Barnes & Noble

She also has a seven-part Christian children’s book series called The Wonderfully Made Pals.

She is currently working on her next book, Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown, due in spring 2023. 

Mrs. Ingram is an advocate for women and young girls, speaking internationally on topics regarding the law, diversity, equity, expat issues, confidence-building, women’s wellness, sustainable fashion, female empowerment, and self-worth throughout the US, Asia, Europe, and the UK.

When asked about her motivational speeches, Danne Smith Mathis, MPW, CF APMP stated, “Juanita Brown Ingram, Esq., is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard! She has a strong but soothing voice with a message that challenges and comforts her audience. Her plethora of experiences throughout life is something she shared not only with ease but also with passion and for the purpose of helping every person listening to take whatever they can from her words of wisdom so they can continue to become the best version of themselves.”

She, her husband, and two children currently live in Singapore, having previously resided in London and Taiwan, which is documented on her Telly and Webby-Award-winning Amazon Prime series, The Expats International Ingrams. The unscripted show was produced by Purpose Productions, in which Juanita is the Founder and CEO. Purpose Productions Inc., is a 501(C)3 women-led production company with a mission of creating content that celebrates authentic BIPOC narratives while empowering women and youth through film worldwide.


The stage has already been set to host private screenings throughout the year kicking off Black History Month and Black Expat Month in Harlem, New York.  The Expats International Ingrams is a family-friendly, Black-led, and produced unscripted docuseries that chronicles the international adventures of Black Americans living, working, and thriving abroad. The series stars Juanita Ingram, her family, and over a dozen Black expat friends. Hailed by fans as a “refreshing and entertaining series”, The Expats International Ingrams tackles 

a range of issues from Colorism, Blaxit, Implicit Bias, and Domestic Violence to Black Mental Wellness, Trailing Spouse Depression and Raising Black Third-Culture Kids.

The hotly anticipated Season 2 kicks off with the introduction of a new squad member.  A new adventure also awaits the Ingrams as they prepare to move to another country, just as they are getting used to Taiwan.  Viewers will get to experience Asia through the family’s lens during their spectacular trips throughout the continent.  But that’s not all. Like Season 1, the episodes in Season 2 are laced with humor, drama, real-life experiences, and exciting adventures.

The Expats International Ingrams was created and produced by Attorney, Actress, Author, and reigning Mrs. Universe, Juanita Ingram Esq. The Mrs. Universe title given by the Ms. World Corporation (www.msworldinterntional.com) is an international competition showcasing achievement, philanthropy, tourism, and personal growth of all women.  Ingram is also the first Black woman to hold the Mrs. Universe title.  Since launching in 2020, The Expats International Ingrams has received a number of awards including the Best Web Series Award from the Christian Film Festival, Hip Hop Film Festival, and International Black & Diversity Film Festival.  It was an Official Selection of the Diversity in Cannes and Pan African Film Festivals and was included in the 2021 Primetime Emmy Nomination Ballot for Outstanding Unscripted Program. Season 2 of the program has already made a statement after walking away with the 2022 Silver Telly Winner for Reality Television Series at the Telly Awards.

When asked about the journey to create the Docuseries, Juanita explained: “Producing this show as an independent, women-owned, Black-led production company was beyond challenging. I feel a heavy responsibility to not only shape how the world sees us in front of the camera but also as we are elevated behind the camera as well. The pandemic. added major hurdles these past 18 months while filming in various locations throughout the US and Asia, but we overcame them to bring what I hope is a quality family- friendly impactful program.”

Commenting on the motivation for hosting the public launch in Harlem, Juanita explained: “The Expats International Ingrams is a celebration of Black life abroad and Black excellence. What better place to host the public launch and honor Black History Month  than in the Black Mecca of the World?” 

Far from the average reality series, The Expats International Ingrams radically transforms the reality TV model for Black-casted unscripted TV and directly combats the distorted representation of BIPOC  people globally. Its “edutainment” approach to production and presentation dismantles dangerous racialized stereotypes through its positive and entertaining cross-cultural depictions of Black Americans thriving abroad and is leading the way for inclusivity.

Season 2 of The Expats International Ingrams has been in a preview soft launch mode since December 25 on Amazon prime US & UK, but already viewers are raving. Nana P. said: “Juanita has done an amazing job of sharing her and her family’s experience of what it’s like being Black and living abroad. I so enjoyed Season 1 and have been looking forward to Season 2. It is a breath of fresh air to see us in this international space striving and excelling individually and as a solid family unit. I love all the explorations, friendships and real-life experiences that play out as the International Ingrams navigate living abroad. This season is a must-watch.”

Emmy® Award-winning producer Erica Goings said: “I love this show!! I’m a TV producer in Los Angeles and let me just tell you, we need a show like this gracing the screen. It’s cute, funny, uplifting, raw, brilliant tv! In a world where black families need better role models like we had with the Cosby’s – this show is the next-gen of that. Kudos!”

“… Smart television is long-overdue and seeing a Black family living their best lives abroad is something everyone should see. We have to open the aperture to what is possible in life and this series does that. Between the Ingrams and the other cast members, you bear witness to the trials and triumphs of life in another country. I love how they balance the positives and the negatives of the experience–because that is life. Not black and white but shades of grey… well done.”  says Blaxit Global

The Expats International Ingrams is available for streaming on Amazon Prime US & UK and will be on other streaming platforms soon via distributor Indie Rights. To stream Season 1 and Season 2 of the series visit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B0B855BJWW/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r

A portion of the streaming proceeds will go to benefit Dress for Success Greater London and Dress for Success Chattanooga.  Globally, Juanita is the first Black woman to win many pageants: Ms. World International 2012, Mrs. Great Britain World 2011, Mrs. UK Universe 2013, and Mrs. UK International 2014 (placing Top 3 at Nationals).

Learn more about Juanita Ingram at https://www.iamjuanitaingram.com/ 

Learn more about the Expat Series at www.expatsshow.com


Last modified: February 14, 2023