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Sabrina Willis

I am Sabrina Willis, happily married to Jerome Willis, mother of two beautiful daughters Aignee and Sydnee and a Glamma to Ahmyra.  I am a native of St Louis Mo currently residing in Dallas, TX. I am a 2x Author “The Journey” 30 Days of Victorious Thoughts through Prayer and Power Scriptures and “Live Your Life Don’t Settle”. I’m living my life and never settling. 

Sometimes in life you have to go through things to get to where God destined for you to be. No matter the pain or frustration you may have experienced you still have to keep pushing and believing Greater is coming. Listen I knew that after a failed marriage with my first husband that I would love again and trust again with the right one despite being cheated on.  A year after going through my divorce I opened myself up to someone and began to trust again, but this time it was a decoy and distraction. I stayed in the wrong relationship longer than I should have, however it was a lesson and my latest book “ Live Your Life Don’t Settle” was birthed out of that situation. After being in something longer than I should have been I realized I had to move forward and let go of what was comfortable for me and get in POSITION for what God had for me.

Sometimes we stay with people or in places past the expiration date.  I knew that God had more for me. Last year 2 days before I turned 40 years old I made a decision that I was not going to take someone that was not apart of my destiny into my 40’s with me. I declared that I was done settling, giving discounts and I was worth more. The moment I made my mind up that I was ready to move forward and get in position for my husband, that is when God sent him my way on my actual birthday April 10 2018. My now husband Jerome came into my life via Instagram, it went down in the DM as some say. LOL.

Jerome was mutual friends with my sister Jasmine. When he came into my life just days after I decided I was done settling in my previous relationship I decided to talk with him via direct message for some weeks. My life would never be the same again after meeting this man.  My life changed and in 3 months he proposed to me and 3 months later we were married. A total of 6 months of dating then marriage. You see when you are ready and in position God can do what he has been ready to do in your life if you would have faith and trust the process. In 7 months I had moved from my hometown St Louis and came to be with my new husband. I believe when we find our purpose in life we will find our purpose partner.

Don’t find your self settling just to say you have a man or woman in your life when you know that person is not God’s best for you or they don’t plan to spend the rest of their life with you. Stop wasting time. If you know that your future is out there waiting on you get in position, seek God, trust his plan over yours and stay in Faith while not settling. I am a living witness that God can use the broken pieces in your life and turn it into a masterpiece for HIS GLORY. I am recently a Certified Life Coach.

Last modified: May 7, 2020