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Shawn L. Roberts, MA,Ysp Operations Specialist, Success Strategist, Coach Shawn.roberts@shawnlroberts.com, 646-300-2410 www.shawnlroberts.com Shawn L. Roberts, a.k.a. YOUR SUCCESS PARTNER, is a cuttingedge communicator dedicated to providing specific skills that encourage lifelong personal and professional development. His mission is to empower individuals with the tools necessary to become more productive and successful in business and life while remaining steady, stable and focused. Shawn strives to create innovative learning opportunities designed to assist with altering and improving the quality of life for the individual.  Successful Entrepreneur & Businessman Shawn L. Roberts is an Operations Strategist and Business Leader who works with hospital executives to examine and execute best practices to enhance patient satisfaction and the bottom-line through improving the patient throughput process with respect to support services. After spending more than eight years working in Hospital Operations, Shawn 226 knows that, in order to be effective, one must know their business, understand the current reality and drive for results. Speaker Shawn is a celebrated success strategist who travels the country lecturing healthcare professionals on patient flow, reducing hospital readmissions, customer service and career goals. He also specializes in teaching the emergent millennial business leader and entrepreneur  the power of personal accountability, mind control and how to maintain poise and control in business situations. He emphasizes the strategic use of positive self-talk and meditation to achieve success. He focuses on helping people develop an awareness of self that provides them with the ability to make the greatest impact in any situation.  He leverages the MBTI personality profile, along with many other resources, to encourage individuals to develop a firm understanding of who they are. In addition to his extensive operations background, Shawn holds a MA in Theology and Business from Regent University. He is a certified Myers Briggs personality profile practitioner, a member of the American College of Health Services Executives and has landed print coverage in the Reducing Readmissions journal. Family Man Shawn is a dedicated father to his son, Cameron A. Roberts, and a loving husband to his wife, Celeste A. Roberts..
Last modified: April 19, 2021